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Your rocket path to more powerful content creation.

Imagine being able to quickly generate all kinds of content – ​​headlines, full posts, even translations – with the click of a button. Imagine significantly reducing your effort and time staring at a blank screen.

Say hello to Jetpack AI Assistant!

Jetpack AI Assistant is seamlessly integrated as a block in the editor. (If your WordPress site is hosted elsewhere, AI Assistant is also available through the Jetpack plugin.)

5 ways you can speed up your writing with Jetpack AI Assistant

Create custom content

Jetpack AI Assistant uses a conversational system so you can “chat” with it in natural language. Enter a prompt, such as “Write a Tokyo must-see list,” and watch the Assistant prepare engaging content. Compelling blog posts, detail pages, structured lists and comprehensive tables can be created in seconds.

Improve your spelling and grammar instantly

Make sure your content always reflects professional standards with Jetpack AI Assistant’s spelling and grammar correction features.

Adjust your tone to match your audience

Whether you’re aiming for formal or conversational, Jetpack AI Assistant can tailor the tone of your content to your goals and audience makeup.

Find that perfect creative headline

Struggling to find a good headline that will really grab your audience’s attention? That can be the hardest part of writing a post. Jetpack AI Assistant covers you by reading text and then generating relevant and engaging headlines.

Translate your writing with one click

Jetpack AI Assistant can translate your text into multiple languages, allowing you to easily reach different locations and cultures.

And that’s just the beginning of what Jetpack AI Assistant can do.

Can this really be free?

Yes, it can! For a limited time, Jetpack AI Assistant is free to use for all customers.

Activate the block with the Inserter or “/” command shortcut. (In case you didn’t know, here’s a fun tip: press the “/” button when you’re editing a post or page and type the name of the block you’re looking for. In this case, it’ll be “AI”. )

Your rocket ship to seamless content creation

This is just the beginning. We’re working on expanding the capabilities of Jetpack AI Assistant, so stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming weeks.

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