I had a delicious night in Las Vegas with the amazing celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

I had a delicious night in Las Vegas with the amazing celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Are you a Food Network fan? My husband Randy and I enjoy watching Beat Bobby Flay.

Neither of us cooks because we hate cleaning, but Randy has always loved watching cooking shows. Until I started watching Beat Bobby Flay With her, I didn’t see how anyone could be interested in watching people cook, but I found the show fascinating, probably because it has a competitive side to it. If you’ve never seen it, two chefs compete against each other to compete against Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef who owns several restaurants. Of course, Bobby mostly wins. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I began to understand why celebrity chefs become celebrities.

Bobby Flay, Amalfi, celebrity chef

Photo: Caesar’s Palace

Amalfi, Bobby Flay’s restaurant, is located in Caesar’s Palace Casino. When I discovered it before the trip, I booked immediately. I knew Randy would love to dine there as much as I would. The food is based on recipes from Italy’s Amalfi Coast, where Bobby Flay is known to love. Needless to say, Bobby let us down. My delicious evening in Las Vegas with the amazing celebrity chef Bobby Flay was perfect.

Bobby Flay, celebrity chef, Amalfi
Interior of Amalfi in Caesar’s Palace

The decor of the restaurant was warm and welcoming, but the star of the night was the food. It was amazing. We started with the Bufalo Mozzarella with Charred Lemon Leaves, Bobby’s Image Caprese Salad. It was lightweight and made to perfection.

Amalfi, Bobby Flay
Buffalo mozzarella on charred lemon leaves

Photo from Caesar’s Palace

Our second course was Bobby’s Chopped Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette. I have never had such an incredible salad. We ate every bite of it, adding the Focaccia bread too. I’m not much of a foodie/cook and I can’t describe the taste and flavor of the food like some of my blogger friends, but I can say that it was absolutely the best salad I’ve ever had. I wish I was a good enough cook to make it at home, but I doubt I could. I’m certainly going to give it a try.

Bobby Flay, Amalfi, Chef Bobby Flay
Crispy Amalfi Fries

Photo: Caesar’s Palace

The trays served around us were flavorful, but I admit I was so full from the salad that I couldn’t finish my main course. I had the Snapper and Bobby’s famous Crispy Potatoes. I’m a potato freak, growing up my parents kept saying that when I grow up I’m going to be french fries. I couldn’t put a dent in them. They take baked potatoes, cut them, and then deep fry them. It really is a meal in itself. Randy had one of his favorites, Chicken Parmigiano.

Amalfi, Bobby Flay, Delicious Night, Las Vegas Lunch
Amalfi Chicken Parmigiano

A photo of Amalfi at Caesar’s Palace

We shared the lemon tart, by then we were so full that it seemed almost impossible to finish it, but we did. Our experience in Amalfi was one of the best meals of our lives. It was certainly one of my best. Our trip to Vegas this year was basically a disaster, but Amalfi was the highlight. If you’re headed to Las Vegas, be sure to spend a delicious night with the amazing celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

Amalfi, Bobby Flay, Delicious Night, Las Vegas Lunch

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