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Hyvä Theme development for Magento 2.  the next generation e-commerce store

Hyvä Theme development for Magento 2. the next generation e-commerce store


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Speed ​​is the future of e-commerce. The first thing that determines whether a visitor will stay on your eCommerce site or leave it altogether is load time. Development of Hyvä Themes, the latest innovation in the world of Magento 2 has come to save the day. Introduced in 2021, it is quickly making its way to the top charts among the most preferred themes in the Magento ecosystem.

1500+ websites worldwide have already switched to Hyvä Theme, making it one of the fastest growing Magento frontends. With its fast loading times, customizable design, high responsiveness and excellent user experience, this theme is sure to make your eCommerce store.


  1. The need for Hyvä topics
  2. Why is speed important for eCommerce stores?
  3. The best e-commerce sites built on Hyvä
  4. What makes Magento 2 Hyvä theme a better option?
  5. What are the advantages of Hyvä?
  6. The impact
  7. Hyvä theme development services
  8. About CedCommerce

The popularity of the theme in recent years can be seen in the graph below that depicts the growth of the hockey stick.

Development of Hyvä topics Statistics

Source: BuiltWith

The need for Hyvä topics

Theme-related performance is the cornerstone of Magento stores. Luma, the default theme, works fine at first, but seems to crash after changes. On the other hand, Magento PWA requires a lot of time and resources.

Hyvä presents a solution to major business challenges with pre-existing Magento theme alternatives like Luma and headless PWA.

Hyvä Themes aims to maximize your website experience by delivering Core Web Vitals on all dimensions. They are built from scratch using a completely empty Theme. All inefficiencies have been eliminated resulting in increased efficiency.

Ideal Lighthouse and PageSpeed ​​scores

Why is speed important for eCommerce stores?

Page load time is not just a matter of preference. the success of the site largely depends on it. According to a survey, 47% of online consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.

It is now possible to increase the performance and speed of your website using Hyvä Theme. It allows you to create faster and more efficient websites at a lower cost.

A future-proof frontend makes it easy to create websites that work well and load quickly for your business.

The best e-commerce sites built on Hyvä

When it comes to e-commerce websites, functionality far outweighs aesthetics. Better functionality increases overall performance and provides SEO benefits, resulting in increased organic traffic and conversion rates.

Hyvä’s production-ready nature offers immediate business value. Below are some of the best brands to use for Hyvä Theme:

  • Case 24:
  • Bedre Naether
  • SDS London
  • Citizen Watch:
  • SunLiner:
  • Butterfly

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Page load speed statistics

What makes Magento 2 Hyvä theme a better option?

According to the developers, Hyvä is a set of tools specially designed to provide an excellent advanced experience for Magento 2. At the core of this toolkit is Hyvä Themes, a set of themes built with as few dependencies as possible.

Hyvä boasts excellent page load speed, customization options, and a highly responsive design, making it an ideal choice for online retailers.

With Hyvä, you can host your eCommerce businesses with an enhanced user experience, saving 30-50% on average build time compared to LUMA or PWA themes.

What is Hyvä in Magento?

Hyvä is a Finnish word that literally translates to “good”, “desirable” or “recommend”. It is a native Magento theme built by Willem Wigman as the result of an experimental project to create a front-end solution from scratch. Here are the main principles behind Hyvä:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Improved performance
  • Advanced developer experience
  • Increasing the speed of development
  • Minimal dependence
  • Lowered learning curve

“Hyvä is not revolutionary. Hyvä is not designed to become hype. You could say that Hyvä is the version of Luma that we wish Magento would build. Or the front that Luman could potentially become.” – Hivä Themes Developers

What are the advantages of Hyvä?

Let’s discuss in detail all the reasons why you should prioritize developing Hyvä Themes for your Magento eCommerce website.

Hyvä Magento 2 Theme provides fast page loading speed that meets the expectations of online shoppers. Therefore, it can help reduce bounce rates on your website and increase conversions, leading to more sales.

  • High degree of customization

The flexibility and versatility of this Theme is such that it can be used by retailers in any industry. Additionally, its customizable options allow store owners to create a unique and personalized storefront that fits well with their preferences.

According to the latest data, 63% of online orders were made through smartphones. So having a responsive theme for your store is a must. Magento 2 Hyvä theme is equally suitable for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The interface is modern and minimalistic, so it doesn’t come across as too cluttered or overwhelming.

  • Excellent user experience

Ultimately, the Hyvä Magento 2 theme is all about providing an optimal shopping experience. The design and layout significantly contribute to a seamless user journey, making it easy for customers to see products in different categories, search for them and check out effortlessly.

Hyvä is truly a joy for both site users and developers. Reducing code and dependencies to only modern frameworks like TailwindCSS and AlpineJS makes work easier, reducing the learning curve for Hyvä Themes developers. This results in a significant reduction in budget and development time, which means you can dramatically reduce your time to market.

Hyva Magento 2 Demo

The impact

By now it should be clear why the Magento community is so excited about Hyvä. However, it goes beyond just improved performance results and a more welcoming development atmosphere.

Hyvä has the potential to make Magento accessible to a whole new group of business owners. A PWA is truly a fantastic option, but many small and medium-sized organizations simply do not have the time and resources required to do so.

If you just want to have a nice-looking, well-optimized store that will take advantage of Magento’s powerful features, Hyvä offers everything you need to make it happen.

Hyvä theme development services

Online business owners should now consider having faster loading stores and websites. For creating Magento stores with the Hyvä theme, CedCommerce offers solutions specially developed for your business as an ideal alternative to other costly and time-consuming procedures for building online storefronts. Our Magento Hyvä Theme development company offers:

  • Hyvä Magento 2 theme development

As a leading Magento solution provider, we offer Hyvä storefront development and theme customization. Our highly skilled developers at Hyvä Themes are experts in any kind of customization as well as front-end.

  • Custom Frontend Development

In addition, our team will help you achieve the functionality you want with customized solutions for your store. Advanced front-end technology lets you reflect your brand personality with advanced features.

Find all Hyvä support for any issues or updates in one place. Our Hyvä Theme experts are always here to help you maintain a frictionless experience.

No need to worry about compatibility or configuration issues, as we will seamlessly integrate your current Magento extensions with your Hyvä store.

Whether you are a small business owner or an established retailer, Hyvä is worth considering for your Magento 2 theme development.

Build your Hyvä store with us

About CedCommerce

Being a reliable Magento Hyvä Theme development company, our aim at CedCommerce is to provide superior services to your online business. Using PHP template technology integrated with Magento, our team of creative and competent developers facilitates the entire development process of Hyvä Themes and offers you specialized solutions for your e-commerce stores.

What are you waiting for? Contact our Hyvä Themes developers and get started.

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