How you can use newsletters and forms

Chatbots provide a unique opportunity to create a seamless two-way connection between your business and your customers.

One way to take advantage of this great feature is to customize your business newsletters, offers, and forms to make them a conversation with your customers.

Confused about which one to choose? Well, the difference is clear.

news broadcasts are designed to send your bot users a bunch of information, like we now have NorthFace clothing.

Offer: Not surprisingly, broadcasts are designed to send your users offers with a set deadline, such as 15% off NorthFace clothing until April 1st.

Forms are the transformation of your impersonal ways into a relaxed conversation with the customer. The user and the bot message each other like old friends, and in the process the bot asks the user questions, usually in the form of a tedious web form.

Two-way connection

This is where a company can really start to take advantage of the benefits that communication brings to the table. Companies can now contact any past users of your bot with the newsletter feature.

Remember to look after yours Usage statistics see what resonates with your user base and what doesn’t.

With Chatamo, you can create a broadcast in a few simple steps.

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