How to Track Your Child’s Android Phone

The twenty-first century can be a very difficult time to be a parent. Our kids are on their phones a lot, and it can be scary not knowing what they’re doing and not being able to control them. Learn how to track your child’s Android phone for free to ease your worries.

Reasons to track your child’s phone

Here are some reasons to monitor your child’s phone:

1. Learning ath r:export c:yberbullying:

An average of recent studies has shown that 21% of teenagers have been cyberbullied. Parents who discuss online safety with their children and monitor their devices for activity can spot and report cyberbullying.

2. Beware of dishonesty and lessons

You can track their location by following them. For parents who think their kids are lying to them, this is really beneficial. It allows you to make sure they are in the right place.

3. Keeping them protected

It’s easy to tell what your kids are talking about by monitoring their text messages. The survey found that 35% of teenagers prefer texting to face-to-face. When you know what your child is interacting with and with whom, you can protect them from any impending danger.

4. To find the device in case of loss

If your child loses their device, track it easily.

Best Ways to Track Your Child’s Android Phone

There are several ways to monitor your child’s Android phone, but spy apps are probably the most effective approach to finding your child’s location. There are two approaches for this. some spy apps allow your child to be aware of the app while others allow you to secretly track their location.

Either way, since these apps specialize in it, this is the most reliable method to track an Android phone. Knowing that there are some questionable apps out there and that you should always do some research before actually downloading is very important.

The reputable ways to track your child’s Android phone are:


Chart showing map with PGS pins and information

uMobix is ​​the best Android spy app that you can use to track your child’s smartphone or tablet. The app’s website promotes the uMobix spy app for parents. The spy app offers real-time cell phone tracking and supports a wide variety of instant messaging and social networking apps. uMobix also includes stylish features, making it one of the best spy apps for smartphones.

The phone spy app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, so it can be used by different people regardless of the operating system. Primary features include call log display, keylogger tracking, address book monitoring, GPS location tracking, social network monitoring, and web browser activity monitoring.

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FamiSafe is a great software to monitor as well as disable family locator apps, virtual screen time limits and web content filtering on your child’s phone. FamiSafe monitoring software allows you to keep track of your family. The app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Features include:

  • FamiSafe allows you to monitor the target device’s current location as well as its location history
  • Limit screen time in certain settings, such as schools
  • App blocking and activity tracking
  • TikTok and YouTube app blocking and history tracking
  • Identify disturbing content and suspected pornographic images on YouTube

Track your child’s Android phone with free Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to track your child’s Android phone and see its exact location on the map. When connected to a mapping provider, tracking a phone number is simple. You can even track with Google Maps when offline. You can use Google Maps and the Find My Phone app to misplace your child’s Android phone.

Tracking another device using Google Maps requires permission as well as sharing from the other side. In case you want to locate the device with Find My Device, you must also download the app before you lose it. This means you’ll need one-time access to it to install the software, get permissions, and connect it to the device you’ll be using to track it.

Verizon Smart Family

The app offers location services and parental controls for all your family’s mobile devices. If you have a Smart Family Premium subscription, your child will receive a monthly notification that their geolocation is being shared. Track your child’s Android phone and take advantage of other features offered.

  • Restrict user access to malicious apps and websites, including social networking, gaming, instant messaging, and other activities.
  • You can also set time limits for Internet access, phone calls, and text and app usage on iPhone anytime, anywhere.
  • You can block problematic contacts on your child’s smartphone using the Verizon parental control app.
  • You can also view their call log and text messages on their phone.

Samsung Find my device

You can locate, remotely back up, and remotely wipe data on a registered Galaxy mobile device using Samsung’s Find My Mobile service, which is accessible through your Samsung account. To access it, visit Even when it’s offline, Find My Mobile lets you track your child’s Android phone. On the Find My Mobile website, you can also back up its data to Samsung Cloud, restrict access to Samsung Pay, and even manage it remotely.

Your device’s location will be displayed on the map after it is determined. The current status of the device is also displayed, including battery life and network connectivity.


It is very important to protect your children both online and offline, especially when they get their first smartphone. You need to be able to protect children from online predators, misinformation and cyberbullying. The best parental control apps for Android phones can help you with this.

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