How to Stay Motivated in 2023

how are yours goals for 2023 panning out so far?

When we go to Q2:Most of us probably look at our New Year’s resolutions and think: “Oh, I’m crushing that one!” or, “Eh, that one hasn’t been implemented yet.”

And that’s totally normal. What matters is that we are making progress in the right direction.

To give you inspiration next quarter, here’s a quick tidbit How do I stay intentional and motivated? both in my professional and personal life.

You’ll learn some random concepts that I use every day:

  • Achieve more
  • Stay enthusiastic!
  • And finally achieve the goals that I have set for myself

I hope you enjoy it.

Success starts with you

I interact with thousands of marketers and business owners every year, and the most common questions I am asked along the following lines.

“Me, how can I make more money?”or, “How can I improve my business?”

But here are my answers NO always what people expect to hear.

i’m like “First, you start with yourself.”

That’s because if you save yourselfyou

  • Fill your cup with energy
  • Fill yourself with emotion
  • Fill yourself with positivity
  • Fill yourself with enthusiasm
  • Fill yourself with motivation

And when you do, your business will be better.

If you want your business to grow in 2023, start taking a stand for the things you want in life. Then follow through and do whatever it takes to get them.

Are you in tune?

People are similar racing carsWe’re out, swinging, rolling and zooming around. Our tires wear out. Our fuel level is running low. Our intensity and focus disappear.

We are tired and before we know it we are exhausted out of alignment.

So sometimes we need to pause—for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our business—to allow ourselves to get back on track.

And here it is golden tip.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that new information (and reviewing previous information I already know) is really helpful in getting me back on track.

So even though the new year is only a few months away, if you need a break to reset, take it.

And remember…

You are at the center of your world

While you can’t control what life throws at you, you can always be in control how you show up every day.

You can decide your attitude.

  • Personal life
  • Relations
  • Working life
  • And your emotional, physical and mental body

It all starts and flows from you. You are responsible for your existence.

And once you adopt that perspective, you begin to create your life based on it where do you direct your attention?

You have to decide if you are going to or not.

  • Judge things as good or bad
  • Decide to have a good time
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Bring joy and love
  • Be of service
  • Bring intention and desire to make things go well
  • Support and help

So even though you can’t control what life throws at you, you can still master your ability. ride a wave of intensity when the unexpected happens.

Take inventory in your daily life

One thing I like to do is review the previous year and make a plan for the coming year.

That’s because history is a really great predictor of the future, and you can tell a lot about what’s going to happen from what’s already been done.

If you don’t learn from your mistakes and, just as importantly, from your victories, how are you supposed to? optimize go forward?

And if you envision the idea that you are in control of your existence, you can begin to be more deliberately about how you shape that existence to get the things you want.

Daily routines

A great way to do this is by using leverage modes.

These are the things you do, when you do them, and how you do them.

What do you eat? When do you exercise? Do you take time for careful thought and reflection?

Last year was a lot hard year for me. And the only way I was able to handle all that intensity in my personal life was by sticking to routines.

and listen it’s ok if you fall from your daily routines sometimes — it happens. Don’t let that discourage you from using them, because routines are a really useful tool in life.


I have always enjoyed testing willpower and have worked on developing my willpower all my life.

For example, If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I once did a 21 day water fast. It was probably the biggest test of my willpower I’ve ever had, but I did it.

I’ve also done a bunch isolation recedes. It’s an interesting experience. You have to surrender to its intensity and just let go.

Willpower is incredibly important if you want to be more intentional about your lifestyle. But it’s also okay to try something—a new diet, a new workout—and decide it’s not for you.

Just make sure you give it a fair shake beforehand.


Many people spend their entire lives avoiding pain.

All their attention is on escaping from “bad”. family is bad, health is bad, income is bad, etc.

And yes, many things in life can be difficult. But instead of framing your existence around pain, another place to work is to surround your existence gratitude

  • Thanks for your thoughts
  • Gratitude for your body
  • Gratitude for your friends
  • Appreciation for your community
  • Gratitude for the place where you were born
  • Gratitude for the hand you’ve been dealt

You can choose to be grateful that you are alive and that you have the opportunity to take action to create what you want in your world.

Your mindset is very important. You live in your head and what you think determines how you act, which leads to what you get.

Objectives and formulas

These are some random concepts that help me be intentional How did I get into the world? so I’m more likely to get what I want.

Now the questions are: “What do I want?” and, “How can I use these tools to help you get them?”

I start by asking myself:

  • What are my desired high-level results?
  • What routines, systems, and activities do I need to implement to achieve those high-level results?

So I want to share some of mine Resolutions of 2023 with you.

Consistent creativity

i created very few content last year by my standards.

Most of my creative energy has gone into the bi-weekly calls I do for Blue Ribbon Mastermind. That was it.

So this year I want to be more deliberately one of my favorite things to do is create content to better serve the people in my community.

(This article is a start!)

Call optimization

My job is to ensure that my companies and my clients’ companies do well.

To do this, I spend a lot of time talking to people about what we do and what they do. It’s important to hold my managers accountable and give them feedback and strategy advice.

But since I’m on tons of calls Every day, I find myself unable to think deeply as I go back and forth between calls.

So I decided that I needed days exclusively for brainstorming and strategizing, and the rest of the days exclusively for managing, directing and making calls.


I have kept a little diary where I can track my daily activities;

  1. “Meditated,” check.
  2. “Run”, check.
  3. “Cold Plunge and Sauna”, check.

This makes me feel really good.

I help myself follow my goals which I work on at a high level, so I can see my progress over time and know if I need to change my routine.

I hope you’re having a great 2023 so far.

And if you needed a little boost of inspiration heading into Q2, I hope this post gave you a little of that.

Until next time.

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