How to set realistic weight loss goals. follow these important tips

If you are not true to yourself, any goal in life is difficult to achieve. And that’s why being realistic and true to yourself is so important to weight loss success.

You need to be very specific and prepare for some important things before you start your weight loss.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself if you want to set a realistic weight loss plan.

People have trouble losing weight because they don’t know how to ask questions and prepare for their answers.

Find out what didn’t work for you

I tried several times to lose weight over 8 years but failed each time because something was missing.

But when I figured out the reason for my weight loss failures, I was able to lose weight in 4 months. The goal that seemed impossible for 8 years became possible in just 4 months.

I tried to figure out what was missing and what were the biggest obstacles to my weight loss failures.

I recalled my memory of things that didn’t work before and found something important.

I couldn’t lose weight because I focused more on exercise and less on diet. I joined a gym and left in just 1 month because the workouts weren’t working for me.

Expand your knowledge

The biggest reason for my failure to lose weight was a lack of knowledge about the importance of diet in losing weight. I was burning fewer calories and consuming more.

So I read some articles online and watched some videos on Youtube about diet and nutrition.

The knowledge I gained worked like a charm when I started applying it to my weight loss. I started focusing on a balanced diet and then working out.

I also realized that you don’t need heavy training to lose weight. And this is why I lost my motivation when I started doing heavy training and things didn’t work.

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I gave up halfway through my weight loss journey. Then I started learning how to efficiently burn calories through simple workouts.

I started walking and then switched to brisk walking to lose weight.

A balanced diet and simple workouts started working for me and I successfully reached my weight loss goal.

Find out what works for you

By being true to myself, asking some important questions, and doing some research, I was able to come up with a realistic weight loss plan.

With a realistic plan, I was able to realize that the things that weren’t working started working for me.

Thinking about food in terms of calories helped me eat foods with a lot of calories. I used to eat without thinking much about calories.

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I was happy to be working out every day and my exercise would take care of the calories I was over consuming. This was my biggest mistake in lack of knowledge.

Once I started a balanced diet, the weight loss started to work. After this, even simple exercise like brisk walking worked.

After losing the weight, I felt more energetic and active. I learned about the importance of sleep, drinking enough water and many other important factors that help in losing weight.

Always be motivated

Motivation is the key to achieving any goal in life. If you know how to keep yourself motivated, making a realistic plan will be very easy for you.

You will not only make a realistic plan, but with self-motivation you will be able to implement it.

For weight loss, try to be self-motivated, then just look for any external motivation. Extrinsic motivation won’t always be with you, but your self-motivation will always be there when you need it.

And the best way to be self-motivated during weight loss is to be true to yourself and improve your knowledge of a healthy lifestyle.

Try to get involved in fitness activities and conversations as much as you can.

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Once everything is lined up correctly, you will have set a very realistic weight loss plan. Remember, weight loss is simple when you keep it simple.

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