How to see all the posts you’ve liked on Facebook

You can see all the posts you’ve liked on Facebook. Using the Facebook app on your Android phone or iPhone, you can see all the posts you’ve liked on Facebook.

Facebook keeps a history of these posts you’ve liked in one place. Your feedback is also saved in the same category and you will see it in this list as well. Responses apply to your use of other icons except like respond to Facebook posts.

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See all liked posts and reactions

Posts you like appear in a like the thumb icon next to them. Reactions appear with the emoji you used for the reaction. They are kept in one place, so to see them.

Launch the Facebook app and make sure you’re signed in to your account. Next, click on the profile icon at the top right of the Facebook page screen.

Click on your name in the profile menu to reveal the Profile page and use the 3 dots to navigate to it Mrofile Settings p.

Choose: Activity log.

Install Interactions and click Likes and feedback from the drop-down menu.

Facebook likes and reactions

All your liked posts and reactions will be in one place.

A list of Facebook likes

Actions you can take

You can view a post or post owner’s profile from this menu using View post version and View *insert username’s* profile options respectively.

Find all the posts you like on Facebook

You can also remove a liked post or multiple liked posts from this list by selecting them and then clicking Remove. Select one or more posts or responses using the box next to each post. If you want to choose them all, check out All version above.

Tap to confirm removal Remove once again from the pop-up. Removal applies to both posts and comments.

If you want to dislike a post, use the 3 dots next to it to open the list and select it In contrast.

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