How to record HDR video on Android

Shooting video on an Android phone has come a long way since lagging far behind the iPhone, and one of the main reasons is improved software. Not to mention larger image sensors, but as resolutions increase, so do color and composition.

This is what makes HDR (High Dynamic Range) video more appealing. Instead of dull, blurry and muted footage, you get something that looks dynamic. Chances are, the Android phone you’re currently holding allows you to record videos in HDR, and here’s how to do it.

What is HDR and which phones support it?

The video still compares HDR to standard quality.

(Image: Google)

HDR video goes a little higher than standard dynamic range, offering a wider range of colors and more detail in both highlights and shadows. The idea is to make the footage look more true to life, where the image looks rich and vibrant. Standard video signals struggle to capture such detail because the range is much shorter.

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