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AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the hottest topics of the year. And today we’ll explore some actionable ways you can capitalize on this new technology to either start a new business or grow an existing one.

To help me talk about them, Matt Wolfe of and the FutureTools YouTube channel. Matt is an old friend who has been doing a deep dive on this stuff for the past few months and I’m looking forward to it.

Last week, Matt shared some of his advanced affiliate marketing strategies that helped him earn over $900,000 from ONE affiliate product: if you missed it, be sure to check it out as well, but that’s where I want to start this list.

1. AI-Powered Content Website

Niche sites are having a resurgence, and Matt’s is a great example of that. collects and organizes AI tools. Matt has automated the process of adding new tools to the website and uses AI to generate descriptions for each tool.

About 25% of the tools on the site have an affiliate program and Matt uses his affiliate links for them., Matt, built around the ThriveCart online shopping cart platform, is another example of a niche site.

He writes a ton of articles for the site, a process made easy by AI tools.


of OpenAI ChatGPT:for example, generates human-like text based on a given prompt and is especially useful for writing content fairly quickly.

OpenAI has another free tool called GPT-3 Playground where you can learn how the tool works.

You can use it to test prompts, summarize articles, and rewrite content. Think of it as an idea generator of sorts.

If you want your content to rank, however, you need to make it shine with your own voice.

“It’s always a good idea to go back and almost use the AI ​​as a rough draft,” says Matt. “I personally would.”

2. Copywriter for hire

Continuing the AI-generated content theme, next on the list is populating your author post with AI.

There’s a lot of debate online right now about whether AI tools like ChatGPT will put human writers out of business, but Matt isn’t too worried.

“One thing you have to do well as a copywriter…is get the big idea, the hook, right,” says Matt.

As it is, AI tools can create a rough draft for you, but they still can’t give you the hook or angle you need to write good copy.

“I think the copywriters that are going to be successful are going to be the ones that are good at looking at things from a perspective that AI can’t look at it from.”

Also, AI tools are still largely new as far as the general public is concerned, so there is a large market share that copywriters are attracting.

3. Coloring books

AI powered side hustle #3 makes coloring books Average tripa state-of-the-art AI generation service launched in mid-2022.

Matt hasn’t tried it himself yet, but it’s something he’s excited about given the popularity of adult coloring books on platforms like Amazon.

The idea is to create images in Midjourney and compile them into a coloring book using Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s e-book publishing platform.

her-coloring-books-side hustle

“You can go to Midjourney and say: “Draw me an exotic car in a coloring book style,” explains Matt. “It will actually draw the picture in black and white and leave the inside blank.”

Midjourney allows users to create up to 25 images for free. After that, you’ll need to pay $10-$60 per month, depending on your subscription plan, to use the service.

The best part about this idea is that it’s print-on-demand, which means Amazon will take care of the order processing and fulfillment for you.

4. Stock images

One of the side hustles that Matt has been doing is creating images using Midjourney and selling them on Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock is one of the few popular stock image sites that allows AI-generated art on their platform.

To date, Matt has created 50 images and earned about $50 in sales, so this side hustle is definitely a volume game.

Which helped him go where there is already demand.

Adobe Stock has a section called Insights that shows users the best-selling images from the previous month. You can take a look at it to get a feel for what images to create with Midjourney.

Matt states that he personally has ethical boundaries that he would never cross in pursuing this side hustle. That’s largely why he prefers Midjourney over other AI art services.

“Midjourney is really what it looks like now, so you can see images and go, ‘That was made with Midjourney,'” he explains.

In other words, provided you don’t include an artist name in the prompt, Midjourney will spit out an image that doesn’t resemble any particular artist’s style.

5. Faceless YouTube channel

Next on the list is creating videos using AI tools if you have existing blog content that you want to take to YouTube.

If you want to make a video about the benefits of GPT-3, for example, you can use an AI video generator to create a deck complete with text and images. You can then use tools like DaVinci Resolve or ScreenFlow to add audio to each slide.

Some AI-powered video generators worth checking out are:

  • Lumen 5: – With Lumen5, you can give it a link to an article or blog post and it will turn the text into a video. Then you can add music, insert new images and change the format.
  • flick – Similar to Lumen5, Fliki allows you to transform your text content or blog post into a video or audio in minutes using real AI voices.
  • Me – Using GPT-3 and DALL-E 2, Tome AI helps you deliver presentations with ease. You can also use it to overcome writer’s block and create a story from scratch.
  • SlidesAI: – SlidesAI allows you to easily create slides for presentations. Once you have a first draft, you can customize the look and feel of each slide.
  • Description: – Descript is a combined audio/video editor. It has a feature called “Overdub” that allows you to create an ultra-realistic text-to-speech model of your voice.

6. Voice Impressions on Fiverr

Matt has yet to try this next side hustle, but it’s still worth exploring.

The idea is to create celebrity voice impressions using ultra-realistic real-time voice changer, then sell those impressions on Fiverr.

Free voiceover and voiceover services are popular in online marketplaces, so this idea certainly has upside potential.

7. Advertising campaign manager

AI powered side hustle #7 creates and serves conversion-driven ads using Creative advertising.

Ad optimization, the process of creating and refining relevant ads for your audience, is a service that businesses pay for all the time, and AI can give you an advantage if you want to offer a similar service as a sideline.

Ad Creative, for example, lets you create hundreds of high-performance creatives in seconds. It also provides real-time feedback on the performance of your ads.

8. Social Media Management

Next on the list is social media management, specifically using AI tools to create social media content for businesses, such as tweets and Instagram captions.

“There are a lot of companies out there that would like someone to come in and manage their social media,” says Matt, and that’s something AI tools can help with.

Tweet Hunter:, for example, curates the best tweets from different categories that you can use as inspiration to create your own tweets. It also gives you daily custom and ready-to-post tweets, topic ideas, and more.

social media-management-side hustle

With the tool’s AI-powered TweetPredict feature, you can even check the predicted performance of your tweet before you publish it.

Another tool is called Replai: allows you to create meaningful replies to tweets, create viral jokes and increase engagement. With Replai, you can easily grow your account and increase your visibility.

And that’s just Twitter, so if you can put your agency or freelancer hat on and create content for other social media platforms using similar AI tools, there’s definitely an opportunity.

9. Image enhancement

Image enhancement is a much needed service that many people will pay good money for on Fiverr and other online marketplaces.

AI tools allow you to offer this service without being a Photoshop expert.

Back ClipDrop:, for example, you can easily remove background images. The tool also allows you to remove elements from an image with just a few clicks.

There are even tools that allow you to automatically zoom in and out of images, clean them up, and remove watermarks.

“There are all kinds of tools … just to make the images better for the use case you’re trying to go for,” says Matt.

10. Podcast Show Notes

Rounding out this list is a podcast show notes service made faster and easier with AI tools. One such tool that Matt has used in the past is MelvilleAI powered podcast author.

How Melville works is you give it an audio file to transcribe. When it does, it will spit out a summary of the episode and time-stamped bullet points of what you talked about in the episode.

You still have to go in and clean up the draft show notes, but Melville at least gives you a good starting point.

However, Matt points out that since AI-powered podcast tools like Melville aren’t perfect, you need to offer some additional value if you plan to offer this service.

11. Bonus. Fast engineering

Here’s another exciting AI-powered side idea from Matt, as a bonus: sales tips.

AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney spit out what you prompt, but the results vary widely. For example, if you ask Midjourney to give you an image of a wolf in the woods, you’ll get different images of a wolf in the woods.


But if you asked Midjourney to find a wolf in the woods with Synthwave-esque X, Y, and Z, you’d likely get better, cooler-looking ones that would be closer to what you’re looking for. This is the kind of tip that people seem to pay good money for.

Matt says he’s seen markets grow where people sell their tips to other people. One Twitter user reported selling one of his tips for $150.

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