How to make a mini course

The Internet has no shortage of tools for creating online courses. I have tried many of them over the years. The bad ones force you to become an expert on how to use their platforms before you can publish your own courses. The good ones make it easy for you to develop and publish a course without having to learn any complicated software. Mini Course Generator is a good one that I recently tried for the first time.

Mini Course Generator lets you quickly create an online course from scratch or by following one of their simple templates. Whichever option you choose, building your course is done the same way. You structure your course in a series of card-like frames. You can include images, text, video and questions (open answer or multiple choice) in each frame. When you’re done building your course, you can embed it on your existing website or you can publish it to its own URL provided by the Mini Course Generator. Watch my short video embedded below to see how easy it is to create a course with the Mini Course Generator.

Video – How to create a mini course

Applications for education

I’m planning to use the Mini Course Generator to create a mini course to complement an in-person professional development workshop I’m giving in a few weeks. The course content will include a summary of what was covered in the workshop and some suggested activities for further learning.

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