How To Exercise Your Beagle – Exercise Requirements And Needs

Playful and fun, silly an stubborn, there’s nothing quite like a beagle. These dogs are members of the hound family and originally used to hunt rabbits.

Though most of us aren’t bringing home a beagle as a hunting companion nowadays, it’s important to understand the genetic traits your pup possesses so you can understand how to give him or her the type of stimulation and attention they deserve.

Run, Play, Sniff!

When it comes to physical activity, most dogs require some type of exercise. So how much exercise does a beagle need? Well, that depends on what type of exercise you’r minde providing your pup.

Though a walk around the block will make any pooch happy, it’s really no more mentally stimulating to your beagle dog as it is to you. What your pup really needs is a way to burn off his extra energy as well as use his sharp and inquisitive mind.

Beagles have a strong desire to explore thanks to their place in the hound family, and absolutely love using their nose. Without solid barriers keeping them in place, they’ll follow that nose right out of your fenced yard and along whatever trail a little critter has left them.

So when preparing your exercise patterns for your future beagle, it’s best to break the requirements into the categories of physical and mental stimulation.


A good rule of thumb is to aim for twenty to thirty minutes of physical exercise once your pup has finished growing. As he or she grows, their bones are still forming so you don’t want to let them overdo it, but at around ten months to a year (discuss the exact age with your vet) your beagle dog should be fully developed and happy to take on at least a half hour of physical activities a day.

  • Walks: Walks around the neighborhood won’t be the most exciting thing for your pup, but they’re a great way to get him or her socializing and used to new sounds and smells, along with getting their bodies moving. Plan on walking your beagle at least thirty minutes a day.
  • Hikes: If you live in an area where you can take your beagle into the woods to hike around, they’ll love the freedom of exploring the trees and all the smells that the woods have to offer. Just remember that beagles LOVE following their noses and not to let them off leash until you know they’ll come back.
  • Fetch: Though they aren’t retrievers by nature, beagles can be taught to fetch and usually love the game once they get the hang of it! Research ways to teach your pup to chase and bring back the ball from an early age.


A bored beagle dog will exhibit destructive behaviors, like excessive crying, barking, and may even start chewing furniture. Keep those behaviors in check by giving him or her plenty of mental simulation.

  • Hide and Seek: This will probably be your pup’s favorite game! Hide toys and treats all around the house and encourage your pup to sniff them out. This allows them to utilize their natural instincts… without any bunnies being at risk.
  • Kong Toys: Pick up a few properly sized Kong and look for safe and yummy recipes to stuff them with. They’ll be able to work those tidbits out while you’re away!
  • Puzzles: Look for dog puzzles that allow your beagle to sniff out treats.
  • Training: Take your pup to some type of obedience training class, or something more advanced like barn hunting.

There you have it, with at least half an hour of physical exercise and some mind games tossed into the mix, your beagle’s needs will be well met and his brain happy, calm and content.

Picture Source: Pixabay

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