How to Choose a Healthy French Bulldog Puppy – Ensure That Your Buying a Healthy Puppy

If you’re going to be adopting or buying a French Bulldog puppy, how do you know they’re healthy? Of course, most of the time it’s obvious, but not always. I’ll be discussing ways to tell you’re getting a healthy puppy and warning signs that they might not be.

This isn’t to say that sick animals shouldn’t be adopted or bought. They deserve loving homes too. There should also be honesty and transparency between you and who you’re buying or adopting from, however.

Does the Price/Fee Seem Abnormally Low?

This should be considered an early red flag. Of course, most shelters will adjust their adoption fee accordingly for a sick animal, but also be transparent about why. If you’re buying from a breeder, though, this is definitely a red flag.

Ask to See Where They’re Being Kept

This isn’t always possible, I know. But it won’t hurt to ask. And it will definitely be a red flag if they act offended that you even asked.

Ask to See the Puppy Parents

Again, I realize this isn’t always possible, especially at a shelter. When you’re purchasing from a breeder, they shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Their Eyes Look Healthy

This might seem obvious, but check their eyes. Red eye, also called cherry eye, cacataractsn be a sign of other health problems. If their eyes are cloudy, this could mean they have cataracts.

Check Their Mouth

Their gums, teeth and tongue should be pink (with white teeth) and healthy. Also check for an abnormal amount of excess skin.

No Spine or Hip Issues

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs can be prone to hip and spinal problems. This is going to require asking and trusting that the other person is honest, unless it’s obvious by the way the puppy is moving.

Is the Breeder/Shelter Staff Respectful?

They should be respectful and not mind reasonable questions, such as when they had a vet checkup or how many litters of puppies the mother had, showing you your potential puppy’s living space and parents, when possible.

If they don’t have a reasonable reason why they can’t do either, this is definitely a red flag. It means they are probably hiding something.


Check what you’re able to yourself, such as the puppy themself, the parents and the living space where they’re kept (if possible). The puppy’s eyes should be clear and their mouth shouldn’t have an abnormal amount of extra skin. Also look at the way they’re moving around. French Bulldogs can have hip and spinal issues.

Don’t be shy about asking questions. They should expect reasonable questions and not mind answering them. This shows you care about the welfare of your potential puppy.

If you’re adopting from a shelter, they’re usually open about health conditions, so adopters will know what they’re getting into from the beginning. Some people specifically want to give a loving home to a special needs pet.

The important thing is that they are open and respectful of your interest and questions. They should be upfront and honest about any existing health issues or if there is a higher than average chance of any of the litter developing health issues later.

Pictures Source: Pixabay

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