How to Care and Raise for a German Shepherd Puppies

There are a few basic things that you need to understand when raising and caring for German Shepherd puppies. Always keep in mind that these are highly intelligent dogs with good instincts and their own initiative.

Another thing that you should not forget is that these cute little nippers will grow up to be big dogs. If you are wondering how to take care of German Shepherd puppy, the following is the foundation.

Love and Care

Do not treat your puppy as only a guard dog or worker. The GSD is especially fond of human company and yearns to be with his human family always.

Aside from the bare necessities, you should establish love and affection between your dog and the humans in the family. Interact with the puppy always and encourage other members of your family to care for him as well. Let them feed him, groom him, and play with him daily.

Young puppies tend to poo and pee several minutes after they eat. Observe your puppy’s behavior and bring him to the spot where he can relieve himself when he shows signs of wanting to poo or pee.

You can also opt to bring him out to the yard to relieve himself, a few minutes after he finishes eating. Supervise puppies all the time if they are out in the yard or not in the crate or kennel.

Designate a spot where he can rest or sleep. You can use a crate as his comfort zone. This should not be near the place where he relieves himself. Dogs do not like to poo and pee in the spot where rest or sleep. To establish the crate as his own, put him in it several times a day.


Socialization is essential in integrating your German Shepherd puppy into human society. This breed has a strong protective instinct as well as an eagerness to learn. Your puppy’s drive to protect his family can turn into aggression or fear if he is not properly socialized.

Introduce him to the people in and around your home as well as objects that he will come into contact with sooner or later. Socialization builds confidence and allows him to learn from you regarding what you perceive as dangerous people and situations.

Establish the hierarchy of your family early on. Your dog should listen to you or another family member. Do not confuse him by giving commands at the same time or training him differently.

Agree on a positive way to train and raise your dog with the other members of your family. Allow the children in the family to interact and bond with your puppy.


Bear in mind that this particular breed grows up to be a large working dog. Working dogs have a strong drive to work and learn things. They are eager to learn and happy to participate in daily training.

As early as 3-4 months, you can start training your puppy the basics, such as not pulling on the leash, sitting, staying, and coming to you when you call. Training is part of how to take care of German Shepherd puppy.

Raise your dog with discipline and love so he will love and protect your family. He will also be more willing to learn and obey if he is treated well and cared for by every member of the family.

images source: pixabay

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