How to build a profitable small business by putting yourself first

As a small business owner, you face a world of challenges. But you’ve come this far, and if there’s anyone who can continue to be profitable, it’s you.

Sometimes you just need a little guidance to understand what takes priority and when.

It can be difficult when you’re busy fighting fires, so we’ve put together a very simple ebook that breaks your journey down into three stages.

In this article, we highlight some of the most important points.

“Thinking in Minutes” e-book

In minutes, we provide practical guidance on how to keep your small business profitable in the face of growing adversity.

You may face global challenges, such as rising energy costs and changing economies, or challenges specific to you, such as key people leaving or losing your biggest customer.

Whatever you’re up against, we’ve broken down the path to profitability into three stages, each of which gives you a key takeaway and a clear action to take after reading.

This will help you take a proactive approach to growth at a time when many businesses may be defensive.

Here’s a quick overview of each stage.

Mind in minutes

Discover how to use your time while running your business. From developing a growth mindset to stopping the admin from soaking up the hours, you’ll learn to outgrow survival and continue to be profitable.

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Develop a growth mindset

The road to productivity and profitability starts with you. As a person, not as a business owner. So in this chapter we recommend that you start developing a growth mindset.

What is a growth mindset?

Belief that talent can be developed rather than a fixed innate gift. Those with a growth mindset achieve more by pursuing continuous learning, collaborating with others, and being willing to take risks.

There are three practices to consider when building this mindset:

  1. Make your own health your priority.
  2. Actively pursue personal growth.
  3. Aim high and allow yourself to fail.

Dig into them, and you’ll lay the groundwork to confidently implement the strategies that will help your business grow.

Create a culture of effective growth

Next, you must push your ambition towards your people. This means building a culture of growth and productivity in your business so that your people can achieve more, work better and get more satisfaction from their work.

Once again, there are three ways to do this.

  1. Spend time and really listen to your people.
  2. Help your team find balance and support them to achieve what you did in the first phase (develop a growth mindset).
  3. Remove barriers to their productivity and empower them with automation.

Giving your people more time and space shifts their mindset away from fear and toward growth, which is vital to profitability.

Activate your growth strategy in tech

The final stage is creating growth strategies and enabling them through technology. This is how the mindset you develop and the culture you create come into play.

By collaborating with your team to develop the right plans and create the tools to execute them, you’ll begin to realize your growth ambitions.

You guessed it, there are three strategies for focusing.

  1. Build a clear and actionable growth plan with your team.
  2. Create processes and systems that serve your people.
  3. Improve your business fundamentals.

Use them as a starting point and you’ll see a positive impact on your profitability over time.

Final thoughts

This article gives you a taste of what the e-book has in mind in minutes, but the parts you’ll get the most out of are the key takeaways and clear actions at the end of each phase.

Because education without action will only get you so far.

You must put into practice what you have learned in order to achieve real results. Get the Mind Over Minutes eBook today and start making a difference.

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