How to archive all Facebook posts at once

You can archive your Facebook posts to make sure they don’t show up on your profile when someone actually opens it to view.

One can also select multiple Facebook posts and archive them as well, ie several. But what if you want to select all the posts you’ve ever posted on Facebook to archive?

Then you can do it, and here’s how.

Archive all Facebook posts at once

What does it actually mean to archive a post?

Archiving will hide Facebook posts from those viewing your profile. They will be removed from your profile and only you will be able to see or access them. You can use the Android phone or iPhone in the Facebook app to do this.

Launch Facebook and tap your profile icon at the top right of the screen. Tap your name to open your profile page.

You should see 3 dots next to it Add a story, so tap on them. In passport Settings page, tap Activity log.

Select your entries and click Manage your posts. On the page that appears, you can select one post that you want to archive. You can also select multiple by checking the box next to each post.

Check to select all your posts All option that appears as soon as you start selecting records.

Archive all Facebook posts at once

Tap Archive: and confirm by selecting Move to Archive. Posts will be hidden (archived) and will no longer appear on your Facebook profile.

You always can extract the archive all these notes or the ones you need later.

A case of deleting records instead of archiving.

How to archive all posts on Facebook at once

So why not just? delete entries if you don’t want other users to see them?

Using this process, you can similarly select all your records and delete them, as this option also appears when selecting records.

However, moving them to the archive is a better way than deleting the posts from your profile. Who knows, you might have a little change of heart along the way.

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