How Much Exercise does a French Bulldog Need?

French bulldogs share a long history of being the perfect companions for human beings. This breed was created with the purpose of being a mini version of a regular bulldog. These little creatures are the best pets for first time owners as french bulldogs adapt very well to new environments.

On top of that, this breed is very affectionate and friendly with pretty much every living being, kids, family members, strangers and even other dogs. French bulldogs are easy to train as well, although hey might be a little stubborn sometimes, they love to play and have a lot of energy.

However, just like many small breeds, french bulldogs tend to gain weight easily, that’s why it’s important to leave some time of the day for your dog to exercise, not only to release energy but also to be healthy and in a good condition.

Walking your french bulldog

Essentially, one hour a day of exercise is exactly what these dogs need, 15 to 20 minutes minimum, but, there are some things that you need to take into consideration.

It’s very easy to overexercise a dog this size, it’s crucial to not do so. French bulldogs can overheat quickly and that causes them to get trouble with breathing and regulating their body temperature. During summer time, it’s better to stay indoors and exercise at home, very hot areas are fatal to this breed.

Some people think that because they’re small, they don’t need much exercise. In reality, french bulldogs are very active and they need to get proper exercise.

Keep in mind two aspects about this breed, they love to play and they’re social, so, incorporating an activity that involves these two aspects would make your dog very happy.

As I mentioned before, one hour a day is enough, you can either take your dog for a walk to the park where he can meet new friends in one go, or you can take him out several times a day for short periods of time, remember to avoid overworking your little companion.

Exercise in hot or cold weather

In seasons where it’s either too cold or hot outside, you might need to think about a plan B. What you can do is actually very simple, it might not be as fun as going out for a walk but it’ll do the job, plus, you’ll have a wonderful time to bond with your dog.

All you need is a toy that your pet really loves or gravitates towards to, take some minutes of your time and play with him, you can use a tennis ball and throw it for him to catch it, for example.

As a summary, don’t pay too much attention to the size of your french bulldog, even though they’re small, they still need to exercise regularly, at least one hour per day.

if one day you’re very busy, try to, at the bare minimum, squeaze 15 or 20 minutes of exercise time for your dog. Exercise could going out for a walk, places where he can meet another dogs are perfect, or simply playing with him at home.

Lastly, remember to not overexercise your dog and always be aware of how tired he is, they have trouble regulating their body temperature and can have a hard time breathing, so, make sure to keep an eye on him and that’s it!

Images source: Pixabay

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