How BTVI used Communicate’s chatbots to teach on the islands

Last updated on April 11, 2023

Education is a traditional field, but technological advances make it prime for disruption. We are standing at the dawn of the era of Artificial Intelligence. Concepts such as natural language processing and natural language understanding are becoming more and more commonplace.

Consider this report, which says that the number of postgraduate graduates in the next decade will be around 350 million. The world will also add about 800 million more K12 graduates than today over the next decade.

The numbers are staggering, and only with technological intervention can we adequately address all of these students. One solution to providing quick responses is chatbots.

Chatbots are known to solve the problem of too many users asking similar questions. One such institute facing the challenge was the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, located in the beautiful capital city of Nassau. And the partner they’ve chosen to help them with a chatbot solution? Communicate.

Read about how BTVI and Communicate worked together to help students and university staff resolve their queries via chatbot.

About BTVI

The Bahamas has a long history of educating its young students. Education in the country is compulsory for ages 5 to 16. This largely explains the country’s impressive literacy rate of around 95.6%, according to Wikipedia.

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) was established by an Act of Parliament and commenced operations on July 1, 2011. The institute offers various courses like Electronics Engineering to Fashion Designing, Cosmetology and even Auto Mechanics.

The student enrollment is approaching 2100 in various programs offered by the university.

BTVI and Communicate – The need for a chatbot solution

During COVID, everyone went online. BTVI had a situation where students could not physically meet their advisors and teachers in the office. Students often contacted BTVI via email, but some emails fell through the cracks. Students did not receive answers as quickly as expected.

Additionally, the institute’s population grew during the COVID era, and there were more students and instructors to deal with than ever before. To address all these queries, the IT team looked at many solutions and chat bots were one of them.

Once the team knew that a chatbot would solve their problems, the BTVI team began looking for a chatbot solution that was easy to use and would solve all of BTVI’s problems.

The search for the perfect chatbot solution ended when BTVI found Kommunicate.

The difference in communication. What sets this chatbot builder apart from the competition?

Assigning different people to different departments and easily transferring student queries to the appropriate department is one of the features that really impressed BTVI. Chatbots can easily transfer the conversation to a specific section, which is a very useful feature.

There are students spread across the many islands of the Bahamas. Regardless of when students posted the polls, there was a need for a response. This is a classic chatbot use case. While the chatbot was able to answer most of these students’ queries, it was also able to successfully forward queries to an operator when it didn’t know the answer.

Another cool feature that really set Kommunicate apart was the ability to customize the logo to fit BTVI’s needs. Communicate’s excellent technical support also tipped the scales in its favor.

According to the numbers.

As you can see, educational institutes like BTVI are using chatbots to solve real world problems.

Chatbots will continue to evolve and more and more educational institutions will continue to adopt this technology. We can’t wait to see destinations like BTVI adopt chatbots.

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