Holiday email marketing planning and strategies

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s not too early to start optimizing your email program for the holiday season. This year, Trinity summarized six areas of focus with questions to consider so that your customers have the best experience with your brand.

Let’s begin.

Optimizing your email platforms and integrations for the holiday season?

First, integrating the platform for reviews and referral programs creates upsell opportunities to help acquire new customers and subscribers. By doing so, you reward active customers during the holiday season.

Second, let’s assume you don’t currently have a Clavio account Then ours experts can get you started by creating your account. This includes moving towards customized content and creating personalized email automation that best suits your company’s needs.

Are your templates adding awareness to holiday promotions?

Email Bring the holidays to your email. letters with a new sophisticated design or simply a new color scheme.

Are your shapes ready for the season?

Creating forms for the holiday season is a simple way to promote registrations for holiday discounts, promotions, or even just extra sign-up incentives.

Updating and creating new automations for this season

Another thing to consider is re-sending key launch emails with a holiday theme to reflect your promotions, welcome emails, and more. So, before Black Friday, create automations for your high-engagement segments by drawing a flow and design that completes the series with Black Friday sales.

Holiday campaign ideas for the season

It’s important to start the holiday season with building campaigns. By doing this, you make your consumers aware of your seasonal promotions.

For many consumers, gift giving is not an easy task. Therefore, design and build platforms that can help narrow down the options and help your consumer find the perfect gift this holiday season.

With the shipping challenges of 2021, create reminder campaigns about the latest shipping dates for the on-time delivery of their gifts or just progress on the delivery of products.

So there you have it. We hope you have a very successful holiday shopping season! For more email marketing strategies like this, be sure to check out our A Guide to Email Marketing in 2022!

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