Gran Canaria Day Trip by Car

Gran Canaria One of the largest of the Canary Islands, an archipelago belonging to Spain off the coast of northwest Africa. An island that can be visited all year round, it’s one of my favorite places to go when I’m in need of some winter sun. Most visitors stay on the south coast, the warmest and driest part of the island and where most of the beaches are located. However, on my various visits I have discovered many spectacular places on day trips by car in Gran Canaria. The most scenic day trip in Gran Canaria is probably the route through the center of the island. The majestic mountains, deep valleys, lush vegetation and charming white-washed villages are absolutely stunning.

Gran Canaria Day Trip by Car

The spectacular mountains of Gran Canaria

Driving in Gran Canaria

Most of the island’s road network is concentrated on the eastern and southern coasts, several important arteries pass through the central mountains. Driving in Gran Canaria is easy as the roads are good and well marked. As in continental Europe, you can drive on the right side of the road. I recommend it rent a car explore the island, especially the interior.

Two main highways start in the capital. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the northeast of the island. Highway GC-1 connects the capital with the airport and the south coast, while GC-2 passes along the northern coast to the west. Various secondary (but well-maintained) roads traverse the mountainous interior. These roads are winding, with many hairpin bends, but the spectacular scenery is more than worth the effort.

The GC-60 road runs through the mountainous interior.

Because of the mountains and rugged west coast (most of which make up the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve), I don’t recommend touring Gran Canaria in one day. Rather, I recommend spending at least 2 days for it. However, there are many things to see in Gran Canaria by car that can easily be done in one day.

drive in Gran Canaria

In addition to winding roads in the mountains, pay special attention to cyclists when driving in Gran Canaria.

GC-60 road to Tejeda

In my book, the most scenic day trip in Gran Canaria is the drive through the central mountains. If you are staying along the south coast, start this trip Maspalomas and follow GC-60 road to Fataga.

Gran Canaria Day Trip

The view from GC-60 to the south coast.

Roads of Gran Canaria

In the distance you can see the Maspalomas Sand Dunes, a stretch of Saharan sand built up over thousands of years.

There are many mirador or viewpoints along the way where you can stop for amazing views. It’s the first point of view Mirador AstronĂ³mico de la Degollada de las Yeguas. Located just 20 minutes drive from Maspalomas, this mirador also popular at night with visitors who come to gaze at the starry sky.

places to visit by car in Gran Canaria

Mirador AstronĂ³mico de la Degollada de las Yeguas

Things to see in Gran Canaria

Amazing view!


Continue along the GC-60, crossing a valley lined with palm trees Arteara and various attractions like Camel Park and Aloe Vera Farm Fataga. This charming village is located on a ridge overlooking the valley and is surrounded by huge mountains on both sides.

Best places to visit in Gran Canaria

Incredible view along GC-60.

This area is also popular with hikers. there are many trails through the valley and into the mountains. Some scenes from the Netflix series The Witcher were also filmed in this area. While you’re here, don’t miss a stop Fataga’s point of view.

Sightseeing tour of Gran Canaria


After Fataga, the road takes countless twists and turns before reaching the next village. San Bartolome di Tirajana. From here you can continue along GC-60 to: Tejeda or return via the south coast GC-65 road

Option 1: GC-65 to Santa Lucia de Tirajana

This road is just as spectacular (and winding) as the GC-60 and passes through such wonderful villages as: Santa Lucia de Tirajana. Don’t miss it Mirador El Gurriete for fantastic canyon views.

Places to visit in Gran Canaria

Santa Lucia de Tirajana

The best views in Gran Canaria

Mirador El Gurriete

The GC-65 road ends at the GC-1 highway, which will shortly return to the south coast. I did this shorter route to Maspalomas, including stops and a lunch break in San Bartolome, in about 4 hours.

Option 2: Continue on the GC-60 to Tejeda

The other option San Bartolome di Tirajanawhich I recommend continuing this Gran Canaria day trip on the GC-60 to Tejeda as the scene just gets wilder and more spectacular. You’ll pass massive mountains and canyons, towering rock formations and unique wildlife, all of which are UNESCO-listed. Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve. Go slightly off the GC-60 road to visit the incredible rock towers Roque Nublo and: Roque Bentayga. You can stop at these places to go for a short hike and enjoy the magnificent views.

Landscapes of Gran Canaria

Amazing rocky landscapes at Roque Nublo

travel in Gran Canaria

You will also pass huge stone towers

Gran Canaria day trips by car

Roque Bentayga

The best views in Gran Canaria

Spectacular Tejeda Canyon.


Tejeda is a beautiful village with a charming old center. The view overlooking the huge canyon around Tejeda is absolutely stunning. Tejeda, with its many restaurants, is also a great place for a lunch break. In February, this village is famous for its almond blossom festivals.

Cities to visit in Gran Canaria


After Tejeda, there are two ways to get back to the GC-1 highway, which takes you to Las Palmas or the south coast; Artenara and: terror along GC-21 road or shorter road along GC-15 or GC-151 road to Santa Brigida. On GC-21, plan a stop in a picturesque town terrorwhich is known for its well-preserved historic center.

From/to Maspalomas, the GC-21 version takes about 6 hours (including stops), while the GC-15 version is an hour shorter.

Teror (Image: M.Tiedemann/Unsplash)

Gran Canaria Day Trip

The view to Las Palmas from the GC-15 road.

Day trips

Instead of renting a car for this day trip to Gran Canaria, you can also choose one of the excursions that will take you through the mountains.

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