German shepherd mama gives birth to a GREEN puppy – and his family name him Hulk because of his angry face when he arrived

On Jan 10, in North Carolina, a strange thing happened. A German Shepherd gave birth to eight puppies, but one of them was quite different. It was having a fur of light green color.

The family was shocked to see that the white Gypsy had given birth to green Hulk, who was altogether different from other puppies.

Gypsy is the mother’s name who is a German Shepherd, and the family had named the puppy Hulk because he was a little furious on his birthday. The family called him Hulk because of his different temperament.

On that day, everybody in the family was excited. A litter of puppies started arriving. After the birth of the third puppy, they were surprised to see the fourth one. Gypsy had eight puppies in front of her, but it is the fourth one that caused a stir for everyone.

Photo credit: WLOS / Photo credit: Shana Stamey

Shana Stamey said that when the newborn puppy was moving, it was lime green. The Stamey family shows the photos where the small pups are entirely different from other canines, with a bright green tint that contrasts with other newborn siblings in white and black fur.

It was a special day for everyone in Canton, North Caroline, for the Stamey family.

The family had named the puppy Hulk as he was super mad. He became Hulk only because of his anger, which also reminds the Stamey family about Gremlin’s horror, Pistachio.

The family occasionally called him Mr. Green not just because of the color but also due to the Gremlin factor.

When you observe Hulk feeding from Gypsy, his mother, you would instantly spot him amongst his seven cute siblings with a different fur.

He always stands out from other puppies, the Stamey family would say. They knew that this green-colored fur would fade after a couple of weeks because the Gypsy used to lick all her pups. Moreover, the family loved to bathe Hulk quite often.

Photo credit: WLOS / Photo credit: Shana Stamey

A vet doctor at the local hospital explained how Hulk got his different color from his mother. She went on elaborating that the color usually comes from the sack of the mother.

When the puppies were inside the mother’s bag, Meconium’s presence in the pocket could have stained Hulk to give him a light green tint. When the infant passes the first stools within the sack, the meconium element present inside the infant’s feces starts staining the fur. The color of Meconium in that stool gets on a white coat quickly.

She also pointed out another possibility of such color when the puppy may turn green due to a pigment found in the mother’s placenta. This green bile pigment is known as Biliverdin, which may be responsible for Hulk’s unusual color.

The Stamey family knew that Hulk’s color was not harmful, but still, they did not want to take chances, so they tried to explore the reasons for Hulk’s stunning shade. Besides, they also plan to put the puppies for adoption when they grow older to get them lovely places to live.

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