German shepherd ‘cries’ as he’s forced to eat chilli in disturbing new internet trend

We all love our dogs. It’s expected that, in exchange for loyalty and companionship, we will protect them and look out for their best interests. It’s the unspoken rule that all dog owners (and pet owners for that matter) live by when deciding to take one into their home.

Unfortunately, that isn’t true for everyone. In some cases, you have people that do not take in a dog for any reason other than to watch them suffer.

This was the case, as shown in this cruel and disturbing video of a pet dog being forced to eat a pot of spicy chili chicken on a live-stream as part of a strange online trend.

This trend in question, known as “chibo” or “mukbang” is a strange instance of individuals binge-eating while live video streaming to others online. These individuals were paid substantial amounts of money by their viewers to eat incredibly large quantities of food on the various forms of social media.

In response to this, much of the Chinese government began to crack down on this content, blocking many popular Chinese sites, such as “Douyin” (a Chinese alternative to the “TikTok” platform)

As a workaround, many of the pet owners in China began forcing their dogs to do this instead.

In a particularly disturbing scene, the owner of a German Shepherd forces a bowl full of spicy Sichuan chili chicken in front of him, making the dog eat it.

Throughout the video, the dog appears to be quite physically crying in discomfort, as tears roll down the corner of his eyes as he is forced to eat the incendiary dish.

In another, similarly horrifying, video, a Husky is forced to eat a bag of “popping candy”, his owner holding his snout closed throughout the torturous endeavor.

These are not the only instances of animal cruelty on display.

Many dog owners have been revealed to have created different, yet equally as insidious, “challenges” for their pets, all based around consuming inordinate amounts of food for their owner’s pleasure.

In one instance, an owner filmed both their Golden Labrador Retriever as well as Corgi drinking over eight various types of pet milk in one sitting. As a result, the corgi was in so much pain and discomfort, they were literally forced to lie on their back.

Thankfully this seems to start and stop with the dog owners themselves getting pleasure from this, the vast majority of viewers slamming the behavior as deeply upsetting and disturbing, with many actively calling it out as blatant abuse of the animals.

In fact, many viewers have called for a ban on the practice, citing that the entire reason they are doing this is to gain views and increased click rates, appealing to many other users to have the videos taken down.

While many have shown legitimate concern over the wellbeing of these animals, it is unclear what will happen to them or their owners in the future. As of now, it is believed these videos are still online.

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