Four secluded beaches in the BVI

UPDATE: February 2023: I return glorious British Virgin Islands in just one week. The first time John and I visited the BVI was Christmas 2003. a bumpy plane landing on Tortola’s Beef Island and a winding car journey to a sunny, sea-going boat cruise across the bay to the bay. Cooper Island Beach Club. Tortola offered many secluded spots, views and beaches that we had never been to or had time for. We quickly realized that one day of this 56 square kilometers (21 miles) of pure BVI ahh wasn’t enough to scratch its sunny, casual charm. In 2016, we returned for a slow week, and we discovered that time had to stand at some point in this island oasis for both of us. We rented a car and navigated Tortola’s winding and windy roads, diving and climbing up and down around this lush volcanic island, eventually leading us to beautiful, secluded beaches and inviting coastlines, unique experiences and warm personalities. Later I returned, alone, walking to Roadtown Harbor Windstar Cruises December 2018 trip.

Many memories abound. Here are four favorites for next summer The beaches of Torotola On the BVI.

Brewers Bay.

Take Ridge Road out of busy Road Town and head northwest, then cross back into Brewers Bay and enjoy this beautiful secluded beach away from the typical tourists and cruise ship taxi tours. Lunch is at Nikol’s place. satiate your beachy appetite with its famous Pina Colada or simply with the Caribes and Cheeseburger (ask for a fried onion garnish). Bring your gear if you want to experience one of the best beaches in the British Virgin Islands. The quiet, almost uncrowded beach is the perfect start to your BVI beach vacation.

4 of our favorite Torotola beaches in the BVI.


Brewers Bay. BVI beaches
4 of our favorite Torotola beaches in the BVI.

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