Fierce competition witnessed the opening stages of the latest Lebanese Expatriate Basketball League

The Lebanese Expatriate Basketball Championship has kicked off for the third time under the supervision of the UAE Basketball Federation and the support of the Dubai Sports Council.

Eight teams are competing for the title: Beirut, Saida, Byblos, Zahle, Tyre, Jounieh, Baalbek and Tripoli. The league takes place at Champs Sports Club – Al Qouz – UAE.

The opening weeks saw a high level of competition between the teams that left Tyre, Zahle and Byblos unbeaten.

In Week 3, Zahle Team won against Beirut. Mohamad Ismail was Bachir Icream’s MVP of the game and Byblos secured a hard-fought win over Saida with a superb performance from Ahmad Tartusi.

Baalbek beat Tripoli after the game went into double overtime with the help of MVP Mazen Ghon, who finished with 50 points. In the final game of week three, Andrew Savaya led his team to lead Tire to their third win over Team Junior.

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