Fact or fiction? Common Botox myths debunked

Botox® is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment, and for good reason. More than 4.4 million procedures were performed in 2020, a 459 percent increase since 2000.

Why is botox so popular? It’s a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment completed in just 20 minutes that helps you look and feel younger, and it works! Although Botox is one of the most popular treatments, there are many myths and misinformation that are actually wrong. Red Mountain Weight Loss® Expert Aesthetic Injectors debunk six myths so you can decide if Botox is right for you.

A myth. Botox should ONLY be used for pre-existing wrinkles

There are two types of lines found on the face. Dynamic lines are visible creases that occur during facial expressions such as laughing, smiling or winking. Static lines are always present and are etched into the skin over time.

While Botox is great for targeting dynamic lines and softening static ones, it’s a great tool for preventing wrinkles from ever forming. Starting Botox in your 20s and 30s can help you age better and delay the onset of wrinkles.

A myth. Botox is toxic

Rumors that Botox can be toxic are simply not true. Botox has been shown to be relatively safe since it was approved by the FDA in 1989 to treat frown lines. Many people think you are being injected with clostridium botulinum, a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning. In fact, you only get the purified protein that comes from this bacteria. You don’t get the actual bacteria, so there’s no risk of Botox treatment.

MYTH: Botox gives you a “frozen” look

A common misconception about Botox is that the results will make you look “frozen”. When used correctly, Botox should not interfere with your facial expressions in any way. Although the injected muscle cannot contract, the treated wrinkles soften and soften, not freeze. Our experienced aesthetic injectors use Botox to create a more “refreshed” and natural look so no one can tell you’ve had anything done.

A myth. Botox is only for women

Absolutely NO! Men also want to look fresh and have been getting Botox treatments for a long time. Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure requested by men, increasing 182% from 2000 to 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

A myth. Is botox painful?

Don’t let your fear of needles hold you back. Many patients are surprised at how little discomfort there really is. Botox needles are very fine and inject a small amount of product into the face. If necessary, ice can be applied before and after treatment.

MYTH: Results are immediate

The results of Botox are not immediate, but gradually appear over the days following the treatment. You can expect to see changes within a few days of your appointment, with maximum results appearing in about two weeks. The natural results of Botox are worth the wait and usually last two to four months.

Allergan, makers of Botox® and Juvéderm®, has recognized Red Mountain as a superior practice. This means you can trust our expertise for your injectable treatment and always ensure you are getting an authentic product.

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