Facial asymmetry and how you sleep

We were talking in the office the other day about facial asymmetry and if sleeping on your side can increase your risk. One of my dear colleagues, let’s call her Nasa, claimed that her face was not symmetrical, and to prove her point, she stepped in front of the studio lights. And, true to her feelings, there was a bit of facial asymmetry there, but it was only visible if you squinted hard enough.

I, on the other hand, noticed no asymmetry in my face, and the room wanted to know how I slept. Well, I do sleep on my side, but I switch sides, which I think balances things out.

TikTok, facial asymmetry and sleep

Tallulah Billington, skin specialist

Why am I bringing this up? Because TikTok content creators are warning individuals not to sleep on their side, claiming it causes facial asymmetry and sagging skin. Really?

For the business of facial asymmetry and skin addiction, skin specialist Talulah Billington, who specializes in medical-grade skin care and lasers, weighs in on the topic and offers some tips and tricks on how to avoid it.

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Sleeping on your side actually causes facial asymmetry

According to Tallulah, this is not a myth. “When I see clients in my clinic and there is obvious or even subtle facial asymmetry, such as in their lips, cheek volume, or nasolabial folds, one may be deeper than the other; When I ask them if they tend to sleep on one side all the time, the answer is always yes.”

So, he continues, I’ve definitely seen evidence that you’re going to start wearing out the facial tissue a little bit. If you have dermal fillers, they will also wear out faster if you sleep on the same side all the time.

“This certainly won’t be the case for everyone, but I definitely see evidence in my patients,” says Tallulah.

DO NOT OPEN IT. How can your face shape play a role in aging?

Tallulah’s top tips to avoid this “phenomenon”.

  • Actively change the side you sleep on
  • Sleep on your back with your head and neck elevated to avoid swelling (not particularly comfortable)
  • Silk pillowcases! – They allow your skin to sit and breathe without the stretchy or harsh feel of cotton, and provide zero contact between the skin and the shell compared to silk options with other fabrics.

That said, which side do you sleep on and have you noticed any facial asymmetry or sagging skin? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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