EyeSight is one of the coolest features of Apple Vision Pro

While the Vision Pro is undoubtedly an advanced piece of XR technology, not all of its features are unique. In fact, many of them appear in much cheaper headsets like Meta’s Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The ability to view things on a giant screen has been a staple of VR headsets for years now, voice commands are nothing special, and as far as interaction with laptops goes, powering a headset with a PC and cable has long been obsolete regardless of VR. .

However, many of the things Apple “revealed” have been done before. It doesn’t really matter. Apple is a company that has built its business and reputation on doing things a little later than everyone else, but doing them much better. We believe Apple when they talk about the accuracy of the headset’s hand tracking, how the screen will be beautiful, or how the headset’s modular design and high-quality materials make it incredibly comfortable to wear. Throw a unique feature like Eyesight into the polished versions of the XR staples, and you’re probably left with a very functional, very expensive, very Apple product.

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