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The city of Shanghai will be a true foodie’s delight as here you will come across many mouth-watering dishes that will tempt the taste buds like the ones below.

Jpatokal, Steamed female hairy shrimp inside Roe, CC BY-SA 4.0

Steamed Shanghai hairy crab

Undoubtedly, one of the foods in Shanghai that cannot be missed would be the steamed hairy crab, which is a favorite of the locals. Male and female crabs procured from nearby Yangcheng Lake are believed to have different tastes. Usually, not many artificial ingredients are added when preparing this distinctive dish.

Soup dumplings (xiaolongbao)

Another classic Shanghainese dish would be the soup dumpling or xiaolongbao, which would be fun to try. These thin-skinned delicate dumplings are filled with pork, vegetables, crab or shrimp. a flavorful hot broth would complete the dish. Serviced apartments in Shanghai to consider where to base yourself when trying out local food would be those offered by lyf Hongqiao Shanghai. Such shared properties even have social kitchens for guests should they wish to join in and prepare local dishes.

Beggar’s chicken

Your Shanghai dining experience will not be complete without trying the mouth-watering beggar’s chicken. To make this delicious dish, the marinated stuffed chicken should be wrapped tightly in lotus leaves and covered with wax paper and a layer of soil. It is then baked for several hours over low heat, resulting in a flavorful, tender chicken.

Pieces of smoked fish

Those who like spicy food should definitely take the opportunity to try the local smoked fish, which will be a foodie’s delight. Interestingly, the fish in this dish is usually not actually smoked, but rather seasoned to resemble smoked fish. Deep frying can add flavor to this unique dish.

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