Explaining mRNA vaccines. Now that people are starting to get… | by CommunicateHealth |: health literacy

Alt. A doodle wearing a messenger bag and hat labeled ‘mRNA’ holds up the COVID-19 playbook and says ‘Delivery’.
  • mRNA vaccines cannot give you COVID-19. Remember, there is no virus in them, and the protein cannot give you COVID-19 either.
  • 2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. The researchers worked as fast as possible to make the vaccines, but they didn’t skip any steps or cut any corners. Researchers have completed all the usual phases of clinical trials and given the vaccines to tens of thousands of people, so we can be sure they are safe and working to prevent COVID-19.
  • mRNA vaccines do not change your genes. You may hear concerns that mRNA from vaccines can stay in your cells and affect your DNA, but that’s not true. In fact, your body destroys vaccine mRNA within hours of vaccination. The mRNA comes in, does its thing, and then it goes out.
  • Serious side effects from these vaccines are rare, and getting vaccinated is much less risky than getting vaccinated against COVID-19. It’s common for people getting a vaccine to have a headache or a fever or feel tired and sore for a day or two, and that’s actually a good thing. These are signs that the vaccine is working.

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