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Those who claim that we have the most reliable way to lose weight or diet know that this is not 100% true. Consuming a certain amount of calories during a diet is not the right decision. This is because when we provide a certain amount of calories to our body, our natural weight is also affected by this change.

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That is why, when the lack of food is consumed, our body tries to restore that weight. As a result, immediately after eating, we start gaining weight again. Due to this change in weight from time to time, our overall health is also significantly affected. And our bodies start to look uglier and uglier than before.

If your goal is to achieve a healthy body, then it is better to refrain from such experiments and instead of abstaining this year, choose to live a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet.

Weight and health are not equal

It is important for us to understand that no matter how much we lose weight, we can stay healthy in both cases, that is, a healthy body is never dependent on weight.

Overweight people are not necessarily healthy. Even research in this area has not made it clear that better health is associated with weight loss or positive changes in our lifestyle, such as better nutrition and physical activity.

Weight loss will be followed by tiredness and constant fatigue

In other words, abstinence does not contribute to the establishment of permanent habits.

If we limit our nutritious diet and physical activity to lose weight, we will abandon these habits if we do not achieve the desired result, which is why we do not want to. Even if you lose weight, go back to your unhealthy habits.

Abstinence also affects mental health

People who tend to lose weight constantly worry about their body image and suffer from mental dissatisfaction.

At the same time, they think that after losing weight through diets, they are mentally satisfied, which is not the case. The reason is that dieting is not a way to achieve a better physical image, because then all your ambitions and self-confidence can be saved when you start growing. So, regardless of your body image, choose a balanced diet.

Don’t worry if your diet includes food from a restaurant or party menu, instead of thinking about how many calories are in the food, focus on the food this time. .

Instead of trying to lose weight this year, make living a healthy lifestyle your goal.

Instead of dieting affecting your mental and physical health, choose a healthy diet and make physical activity a part of your life and forget about diets.

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Diets are not good friends with women.

Why should I say because they reduce your physical and mental health? It is a duty, the only way to eliminate it is to lose weight.

And it is already known that when we have to do something out of responsibility, we don’t like it or we refuse it. It is not so. And that applies to any area of ​​our lives.

Also, putting yourself on a diet puts you in a spiral of going from one diet to another with the goal of losing weight, feeling good, seeing yourself shed a few pounds. .

And we started banning all kinds of foods, especially fats, whether we needed them or not. We also eliminate carbohydrates.

We change the way of cooking from start to finish. We start trying foods we don’t like at all and long ester.

Come on, we’re doing our best to make it work. Possible and impossible. Regardless of whether what we do is healthy or not.

And as I said at the beginning, it ends up being a liability.

That is why I want to tell you the reasons why you should never eat food. Reasons why every woman should know that you will not waste another minute of your life on a diet.

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Why not food?

1. Are you hungry?

When you’re on a diet, the first thing you do is reduce the number of calories in your food, and while this helps you lose weight, it also helps you stay hungry for days. Also powers. Make Who will make you stop eating for a long time, because it is very difficult to stay hungry and think about what you can’t eat with the restrictions that usually talk about eating.

2. Are you affected by the UU effect?

By dieting, you begin to eliminate foods from your diet, which helps you lose weight.

The problem arises when you reproduce them and/or increase the amount of food you eat because you have already reached your desired weight and therefore lost the kilos. The worst part is that they have come back to stay because it is more difficult to get them out.

3. You will have to prepare many different dishes.

Cooking for yourself and your family prevents you from overeating. But not only that, but spending the day in different kitchens is tiring.

It has to be very psychological not to feel bad about cooking twice, but it rarely happens.

After working all day, coming home and eating the foods you hate the most in the world, you eat or eat everything else, which is usually unhealthy. You are done. Besides feeling bad for not following instructions.

4. They limit their social life.

Too many restrictions can make your social life too short. You don’t want to go to lunch at your work company, your nephew’s birthday, or dinner with your friends.

Knowing that you’ll find food at events or parties that you can’t eat because you’re eating is frustrating, causing you to ignore it, overeat, and then overeat. Autumn. The site will either feel guilty or go nowhere to avoid trouble.

5. They don’t teach you to eat.

No, they don’t. They forbade them, they bit them, but they don’t teach them to eat and drink.

Many foods do not focus on whether the food is healthy or not. They don’t care if fat is good or not, they care about removing sugar.

So, with this in mind, it is very important to lose weight in a healthy way with long lasting eating habits so that you can take care of your health while losing weight.

First of all, you need to learn to eat, the only way to lose weight easily and sustainably.

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