Little Dog Has Hilarious Reaction After Meeting Police Horse

Dogs are very well known for being compassionate and caring for the people who they consider to be family, and in many cases, even those who aren’t family.

Anyone who lives with a dog will tell you that you are never truly alone if you have a dog in your home. There is no mistaking when dogs are happy. That happiness radiates off of them for all to see.

That happy energy that dogs emit is precisely what attracts people to them, helping our dogs make friends everywhere they go. However, that happy energy doesn’t only attract people to them. It can also attract other dogs and even animals of different species.

That is precisely what happened to one little French Bulldog who made a friend while he was out for a walk on the streets of New York.

No one ever knows what to expect when two completely unrelated animals get together. This is especially true when the animals are different species and have nothing in common but still want to go nose to nose and greet one another.

It can end one of two ways, either the two animals don’t get along, and the situation goes sideways, or you end up with a video that remains popular for years after it makes its way to the internet. In this case, we end up with a video that is amazing to watch.

This video is not new. It has been around for a couple of years. However, recently it has gained popularity again.

You can tell when this adorable pup first meets the horse that he isn’t sure how to react. However, after a quick sniff, he determines that the horse isn’t a threat to him, and he has nothing to fear from the larger animal.

You can tell the little French Bulldog wants nothing more than to play with the horse. But that horse remains very gentle with him. And the pup is able to befriend the horse!

The most impressive part of this friendship is that working horses generally aren’t interested in socializing. They’re typically kept at a distance from the public, so they aren’t distracted from their work.

However, this French Bulldog wasn’t just going to walk past without stopping to say hi!

You can see that the little dog is determined to pull his leash closer to the animal that is giant in comparison to him, and as he gets closer to the gentle horse, you can see the horse is just as curious about the pup.

Lucky for us, bystanders pulled out their cameras and caught the two animals sharing an adorable little nose bop as a greeting.

It is noticeably clear in the video below that these two animals were happy to meet one another. And it is easily one of the most adorable things you are going to see on the internet right now.

Watch their precious interaction, and then share this video with your family and friends and spread the joy and happiness with others.

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