Do you really need a skincare routine? Find out here

Having clean and clear glowing skin is at the top of most people’s wish list. So if we ever get a genie and make a wish, this will probably be it.

You’re not alone if you’ve been spending your paychecks on skin care products to get that flawless skin. And not just on a few cosmetic products, but on everything from vitamin C serums, hyaluronic acid and toners to green tea night creams and so much more.

In between filling your carts with these products, have you ever stopped to wonder if a skin care regimen that includes all of these products is even helping, or are we just following the herd, doing everything we’re told to do on TV? ads and influencers.

If you’re on the same train of thought and doubting the effectiveness of your skin care regimen, here’s a blog post that might give you some clarity.

Does a skin care regimen need to be followed every day? Does that help?

You come home from work dead tired to even get up, let alone follow a skin care routine. In those exhausting moments, you may wonder if a skin care regimen is worth it.

YES. It is. A skincare routine really makes a difference. This is why a daily skin care routine is necessary.

Prevents skin cancer

You’re not following a skin care regimen if you’re not using sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied not only to avoid sunburn, but also to protect your skin from skin cancer. They play a key role in blocking ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which damages the skin and can lead to sunburns and skin cancer.

Do you shed skin every day?

Did you know that you shed millions of dead skin cells every day? The outer layer of your skin is constantly changing as old cells are replaced by new skin cells. Therefore, you leave a trail of skin shedding everywhere. But what does this mean for you? And how does a daily skin care routine become divine in this context?

It’s simple, the vibrant and healthy skin you have now can look dull the next day. A consistent skin care regimen will keep your skin glowing and make way for healthy skin cells.

Everyone has different skin

Have you ever met someone who has naturally glowing skin without doing anything but washing their face? We all have such people in our lives. And you might be thinking that if they got good skin without doing anything, why put yourself through the pain of following a skin care regimen?

But here is one thing. Everyone has different skin. While some get excellent DNA, others don’t. This is why your level of skin maintenance may not match theirs. They may not have a thorough skin regimen, but you may need one.

You avoid a number of skin problems

There may be several skin problems that are not so obvious. These include hyperpigmentation, blackheads, whiteheads, acne scars and wrinkles to name a few. A good and consistent skin care routine prevents and treats these skin problems, giving you glowing skin that not only looks healthy, but is healthy.

Reasons why a skin care regimen may not work for you

There may be a reason why you doubt the authenticity and effectiveness of a consistent skin care regimen. You may be someone who is only here after witnessing the no obvious benefits of a skin care routine. Here are a few reasons why your skin care routine isn’t working for you:

You haven’t been consistent with your skin care routine

Remember, consistency is the key and every day counts. The results you expect will be compromised if you don’t follow your skin care regimen consistently.

You weren’t patient

You can’t follow a skin care routine for a few weeks and expect it to change your skin. Please note that visible skin transformation may take months. Be consistent with your skin care regimen for at least three months to see results. Don’t give up too soon.

You are using too much skin care products

If your skin care routine is making things worse for you and leading to breakouts, it’s probably because you’re using too much skin care products or using the wrong products. If you’re just starting out, we suggest starting with a simple skin care regimen including cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen. If you plan to use facial serums, do not do so without consulting a dermatologist. There are tons of skin serums that your skin doesn’t need; they can also ruin your skin if they’re not right for you. ‘

Your expectations are unrealistic

If you follow a skin care regimen that changes your natural skin tone, you only have unrealistic expectations. A constant skin care regimen can clear your face, but it can’t change your complexion. No cream and face wash can change your complexion. Brands that promise you this are only making false claims to steal your money. Better if you expect healthy natural skin and nothing unrealistic.

You are not eating a healthy diet

If you’re not feeding your body with the right ingredients, your skin care routine can’t help you much. Most of the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy glowing skin come from food, not expensive products. So, the first step is to feed your body right and treat imperfections, and the second step is to have a consistent skin care routine to improve your skin.

Closing thoughts

You won’t get what you want in life without trying. The same goes for your skin care regimen. A skin care regimen is really effective if you stick to it. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to include dozens of cosmetics you don’t need, but essentials like cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Any facial serum, cream, or gel can also be added if prescribed by your dermatologist.

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