Dharamkot, a hippie village near McLeod Ganj

Israeli lifestyle and culture is a feeling you will get in the village, a small village of Dharamkot, 13 km from Dharamsala. This beautiful place has also been a popular destination for Israeli tourists. Initially, the village was inhabited by the community of Gad shepherds. However, over the years, regular visits by Israeli tourists have changed the village. It is now packed with cafes, restaurants, yoga centers and gift shops. Over time, locals can become fluent in Hebrew. Most of the signs and boards in the village are also written in Hebrew. This village has no roads except one that leads to it and almost ends “Travel and dine” –a famous cafe. after Trek n Dine, the road narrows to a path ideal for aimless strolls through the village to various other views, cliffs, waterfalls and some paths.

Dharamkot, Himachal
View of upper Dharamkot, Himachal
Accommodation and food options

I visited the place in December 2022. It was a short trip but we really enjoyed it. Dharamkot is divided into two parts, lower Dharamkot and upper Dharamkot. We stayed inside Dharamkot Inn Lower Dharamkot in front of the cafe, “Ride and Dine”. It was a nice and comfortable stay. Perhaps this is one of those rare places where you can drive your car or taxi right to the door.

Moon Light Cafe, Dharamkot
Moon Light Cafe, Dharamkot

There are restaurants and cafes where you can eat different cuisines. We had dinner at Trek & Dine, a nice restaurant in the center of lower Dharamkot. We had breakfast at another nice place where Moonlight cafe. It was a blissful feeling to be in this beautiful place. People love to be a part of the journey to Dharamkot as the place is sheer bliss and serenity. The tranquility of the place attracts many tourists every year.

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The place is an absolute paradise for nomads, travelers and people who love hiking and trekking. There is nothing like Dharamkot when you want to experience the true beauty of nature without any extravagant luxuries or privileges.

Parking in Dharamkot can be a problem. If you go with your own car, you should know that there may be problems with parking, because the roads are not very wide. It is recommended to park your vehicle at the McLeod Ganj parking lot and opt to travel by hired taxi.

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