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There are a few important points you should not miss when you are close to your delivery. One of them is where to deliver your baby. Usually, all women go to the same attending obstetrician to deliver their babies, where prenatal examinations are performed.

But if you are planning to ship to a different location from where you normally check out, then you need to be a little careful in choosing the shipping location.

In a hospital, you should see the following when considering it as a place to deliver your baby before joining the labor:

1. Presence of a midwife. Check if that hospital is your doctor’s home hospital or not. Check with him first to see if he does rotations at more than one location, and if so, rotate both to see which hospital he stays at the longest.

2. Availability of neonatal care unit and pediatrician is also important. If your baby needs some care after birth, there is no need to rush to another hospital for neonatal care.

3. Availability of a good research department which includes all blood tests, urine tests, X-ray department of the hospital.

  1. Availability of 24*7 pharmacy is mandatory.
  2. Check if that hospital is covered by your insurer and talk to them about the availability of covered rooms before you join.

A few other things to keep in mind if you are close to your delivery are:

1:.Describe which hospitals are close by your house You may need to go to the hospital quickly during labor.

2. Ask about your doctors availability at the time of your delivery.

3. Check with your insurance company about everything you need to present at admission

4. Don’t be alone during your delivery period. Ask someone to stay with you at home or when you go out.


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