Dealing with Emotions During Custody Mediation. tips for managing stress and conflict

Stress management is the need for hourly stress in the workplace or more intense, such as meditation. Thanks to great research in psychology and a better understanding of the human mind, there has been an increase in the development of methods to deal with emotional turmoil. A significant part of the stress affecting the human mind is related to interpersonal conflicts in the family, workplace, etc.

Things can get tense and anxious when it comes to stressful situations like divorce or custody mediation. Such situations can create a stressful environment, requiring you to follow an effective coping mechanism that keeps you sane throughout. Divorce and mediation are hard enough to handle with a narcissist, let alone be compassionate. Ask any mediator whose job it is to deal with such conflicts. they guarantee you an emotional shock that is a long process.

As you prepare for a custody mediation with a narcissist, you may experience several emotions, but you can certainly take steps to control them. And sending long hurtful texts is no way to get your feelings out. For a custody mediation, you need to prepare yourself and understand some tips to help you keep your emotions in check while providing comfort.

What can I do to manage stress during mediation?


Mediation with a narcissist can be difficult because it involves many different processes. It won’t help if you store up emotions and dump them directly in the narcissist’s face. However, you can try certain tips and tricks to help you take care of your emotions.

It would be helpful if you kept in mind that the process should go as smoothly as possible in order to achieve a successful outcome. Narcissists often have trouble understanding the feelings of others, and they are known for not empathizing with them.

Be around people you like.

At this point, when the mediation process is going on, you need to be around people you love or love. This group can include your partner, family, friends, cousins, relatives, children, etc. Try to surround yourself with people who genuinely care about your feelings and understand them well.

In such a situation, you need nothing but to calm your nerves and relax. This is possible only when you are in the company of people who comfort you through mental pains and stresses and give you relief in turmoil. The people around us affect our nervous system, so choosing the right company is important.

Choose professional advice.


You may have heard that many people choose to seek counseling when they are anxious, stressed, nervous, or mentally broken. In a difficult situation such as custody mediation, you can simplify your feelings with the help of professional counseling. Choose a good psychologist or counselor who can help you work through your emotions to better understand the situation.

Selfish people tend to manipulate and influence you. This can further reduce your chances of getting rest during the legal process. A professional counselor can help you clear your mind, understand your feelings, empathize with you, and give you expert advice on how to deal effectively with the situation.

You are not in control of your negative thoughts and emotions, but a counselor can help you validate your feelings with their tricks.

Choose a reliable lawyer.

When dealing with a narcissistic party, it is important to choose a trusted attorney. The party on the other side can take advantage of you and manipulate you to their advantage. A good lawyer can help you overcome this situation.

A legal representative with experience in their field can help ensure that any arguments presented in the forum are valid, fair and just, without favoritism. Their presence can be legally binding, protecting your interests and helping you play the field fairly.



One proven method to reduce stress and anxiety in any situation is to activate your body through exercise or meditation. Our nervous system works in sync with other bodily functions. If you continue to feel mentally stressed, your body will tire easily and vice versa.

To maintain a level of sanity in your mind, you can take up exercise or meditation and add it to your daily routine. As you do this, you will feel a sense of calmness in your body and mind that will take control of your stressful thoughts and clear your head.

A narcissist can take over your mind and influence it with negative thoughts. Exercising will help you take your mind off negativity and create a positive, active space around you while helping you control your emotional subjectivity.

Other tips:

Documents. documenting feelings is also a helpful way to feel calm and actively participate in the legal process with a clear mind. You can create a journal or record your feelings in a voice note to get them out.

Differentiate between feelings and behavior. don’t let your emotions control your behavior in mediation. A narcissist can take advantage of your negative behavior and take advantage of it.

Discuss it with your attorney. Discussing how you feel with your attorney is one of the most helpful ways to deal with stress.

Try to do some activity that keeps you calm. You can try painting, dancing, singing, yoga, etc., any activity that calms your nerves and clears your mind. This will remove all the stress and clear your head.

Avoid getting defensive or angry, as narcissists are often difficult to deal with. They cannot tolerate anger and disgust.

Bottom line:


During a custody petition, you should be aware of what you may be going through. Acknowledging the complexity of emotions and understanding each feeling can help you deal with the situation better, rather than letting emotions out unnecessarily. You need to be aware of your emotions and respond carefully to them in order to reach a successful conclusion without getting into any external or internal conflict. A narcissist will always try to displace you and create situations that will make you angry, but you have to be calm and gentle when dealing with them.

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