David Lynch and the Wizard of Oz

It’s not unusual to have a favorite movie. But it’s rare to find a film or piece of art that you connect with so deeply that it resonates throughout your life, exerting its influence in surprising ways. Lynch/Oz examines one notable example by delving into the pathways The Wizard of Oz affected the wonderful and the strange career as a film director David Lynch.

Lynch/Oz is the last one a documentary about cinema Alexander O. From Philip, whose works include exploring the zombie genre Doc of the Dead and: 78/52an almost obsessive study Psychologistshower scene. Structured more like a film essay, narrating a dizzying array of film clips, Lynch/Oz divided into chapters by various “hosts” including film critic Amy Nicholson and some of Lynch’s peers; Rodney Ascher (Room 237)Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s body, Yellow jacketsJustin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Endless, Something in the dirt), David Lowery (Green Knight, Peter Pan and Wendy), and: the great John Waters. Lynch’s participation is limited to secondary material (YouTube videos, a MasterClass cut), but his voice is well represented thanks to extensive footage of his entire body of work, including his latest release, Twin Peaks. The Return:.

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This is not just a random idea that Philip is pursuing. any fan can tell you that the 1990s In the heart of the wild full of open The Wizard of Oz links. But even beyond that movie, we know Lynch has the Emerald City on his mind. She doesn’t go on camera and say it directly here, but in the past, including in front of a film festival audience, as Kusama recalls firsthand, she has indicated that she thinks about it; Oz every day. Although it points to Lynch’s characters’ fondness for red shoes and how his sets tend to use theatrical curtains, Lynch/Oz less interested in exercising his immediate respect. Instead, it’s more interested in how Victor Fleming’s 1939 classic permeated the themes, character details, mise-en-scène, and moods of fear and hope that run through his filmography.

To take the viewer on an immersive journey, appropriate given his fascination with the transportability of cinema, Lynch/Oz is both a film history lesson and an unconventional biography. It more than backs up its thesis that the film is as popular as the original The Wizard of Oz still contains enough mystery to shape the mind of the man who gave it to us Rubber head, Blue velvet, Mulholland Drive, Lost highwayand: Twin Peaks, and whose surreal yet nostalgic style is so unique, he has his own adjective, “Lynchian,” to describe it. Like Lynch’s movies, Lynch/Oz it’s an eye-opening experience; it encourages viewers to be curious about what they’re watching, but also to not expect explanations for everything. That said, it’s an excuse the end of Twin Peaks. The Return: with mind-blowing simplicity and be aware. after Lynch/Ozyou should clear your schedule so you can watch as much david lynch as possible.

Lynch/Oz now playing in New York City; it expanding to more cities from June 9.

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