Christine Taylor opens up about their marriage

Ben Stiller and Kristin Taylor managed to reconnect after announcing their split thanks to the pandemic. The “Wedding Singer” actor spoke to “The Drew Barrymore Show” about his and Stiller’s past relationship.

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Taylor said: “For us, we got married very quickly after meeting each other. We knew each other for six months, got engaged, got married within a year, and the next year we had Ella.” Their relationship was going fast, and as time passed, the couple were not the same people. He continued. “Family was always a priority, but I think Ben and I started growing in different directions.” Taylor revealed that their split in 2017 was not something they “took lightly”. During their estrangement, the couple saw each other frequently as they put up a united front for their children. So when the pandemic hit, it only made sense for them to quarantine with each other.

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During this time, Stiller and Taylor were able to rekindle their love for each other. Taylor said: “We found this way. We had so much time to talk… There were no other distractions. It was just organic and natural for us.” While some may question their relationship, the actor revealed how he and Stiller are doing “so well” since reuniting. He said. “I think there’s freedom in the comfort and commitment of this relationship. And just also knowing that we have to take care of ourselves.

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