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Chatbots are a great opportunity to transform the way businesses interact with customers. But it’s not just about business anymore. In the midst of a pandemic, a chatbot becomes more than a virtual assistant in extreme panic. From guiding people on the facts of Covid-19 to helping students with online learning, Chatbots are serving communities around the world.

Educational chatbots can assess how institutes interact with students. Institutions can benefit from helping every student succeed. It also becomes much easier for students to learn more about courses, lectures and provide a better learning environment.

Here are some chatbot use cases that educational institutions can take advantage of:

1. Engage students in distance learning

Today, social media and messaging channels are a part of everyone’s daily life. These communication channels are aimed at reaching people from anywhere and at any time. This is why these channels can be the best platform to engage students. Chatbots can be used to enhance the learning process by engaging students with their teachers and classmates.

2. Virtual training

Virtual tutoring is one of the most popular applications of AI Chatbots. Especially these days, intelligent virtual assistants, chatbots, can automate the tutoring system. From sending lessons, HomeWorks, multiple messaging and rich media tasks to monitoring and observing student behavior; chatbots can standardize all tutoring activities through AI.

3. Student support and assistance

Chatbots can allow instant access to education. Students can get all the information they need, can ask all the questions they face, understand the lessons and more at their fingertips. Chatbots can automate this time-consuming task and eliminate the need for a constant human administrator answering repetitive queries, so they can finally turn their attention to making education better.

4. Gather insights about students

By constantly monitoring each student’s data, chatbots can collect student information. Institutes can use this information to determine teaching effectiveness. The chatbot can interact with each student personally and ask important questions like their experiences with different teachers, if they are facing any difficulties or other personal information etc.

5. Automatic admission and registration

A chatbot can also be used to automate the admission and registration process in educational institutions. They can collect new leads by asking for their information and contact details, refer them to various courses and their duration, fees, timings, etc. It also keeps users updated by timely notifying them about admissions, approvals, etc.

Understanding the importance of these use cases, we have created a Course Registration Chatbot template for educational institutions.

This template is based on generating new leads for institutes. You can embed this template on your websites or you can create a similar feed for your Facebook and Viber to respond to new inquiries.

Check out some screenshots of this bot –

  1. Welcome users

2. Educate new users about courses

3. Understand user preferences by asking the right questions

4. Leading generation

You can install this FREE Template on your website and use these amazing chatbot apps in your institutes. With countless learning trends, innovative learning experiences throughout education.

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