Celebrating data and impact: 5 highlights from Domopalooza 2023

Domopalooza – Domo’s annual event is always a celebration of data. This year it was also a celebration of the fabulous business impact people are having with data on their careers, teams and companies. And that’s exactly what Domo has always been. putting data insights into everyone’s hands so they can make fast, smart decisions that drive business forward.

Josh’s keynote on the power of data experiences to spark bold curiosity, drive action and drive impact set the tone for the event, which featured 22 sessions of incredible opportunities, from customer stories to live roundtables, to be inspired by how people connect. enhance their business with data.

Check out five highlights from the event, from real-world examples from innovative customers to inspiring wisdom from a live interview with bestselling author Liz Wiseman. Players of influence. How to take the lead, play bigger and multiply your influence.

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1. Domo CEO Josh James’ vision keynote for why data should be an experience

CEO and founder Josh James opened Domopalooza, which had nearly 8,000 registrants from around the world, sharing the vision for Domo’s data experience platform;

“Data should be an experience. It must meet each individual where, when and how they need to have and act on insights that move the needle.”

Josh talked about the power of data experiences to turn sometimes data watchers into business impact owners. He made it clear that the real game-changing heroes are data scientists, front-line managers, and even the people driving the delivery trucks. Anyone who is brave enough to ask the tough questions should feel that data experimentation has the power to get and act on the answers.

Watch Josh’s keynote (01:55)

2:. Author Liz Wiseman on How Information Creates and Supports Influence Players

How often do you get a chance to hear from incredible leader and best-selling author Liz Wiseman? At Domopalooza, we were able to enjoy his experience during a live interview.

Liz talked about empowering people with free-flowing, trusted information and data so they can do their best work. He said something that perfectly reflects Domo’s mission.

“If you want your team to be brilliant, give them access to information and insights that can be translated into impact.”

When you make the process of accessing, working with, and acting on that information an incredible experience, and that’s exactly what Domo does as a data experience platform, you completely change how work gets done. It is a profitable option. employees do their best work and companies get the best results.

Check out Liz’s interview

3. Domo customers have shown us how they are multiplying their impact with data

Domopalooza showcases the business impact that happens when data is put to work for everyone. And the Domo community is living proof of the innovation and achievements made possible by a data experience platform.

We had the chance to hear from Regional One Health, Constellium, Sephora, CleanChoice and other customers doing amazing things with the power of data.

CleanChoice Energy’s story of how it integrated data into Domo to democratize access and get customers clean energy is particularly compelling. Keith Colarulli, Chief Corporate Development Officer at CleanChoice, said it best.

“What Domo has done is you don’t have to be a data scientist to understand what the data is telling you. You can be an operations analyst, you can be a marketing manager, and you’re looking at that same information and you can make strategic choices in real time.”

Watch the CleanChoice video and others on demand

We also heard from three of our 15 Domo Ovation Award winners and learned about Domo’s new customer community, Domo Central.

Check out the Domo Ovation Award winners and: the new Domo Central community

4. Domo CTO Darren Thane on new features that put the power of data in your hands

Darren Thain, Director of Domo, gave attendees a sneak peek at some of the exciting new features – tools that work in unison to enable people to move from insight to action. Darren said:

“To thrive in the future, data must be accessible and actionable, putting power directly into people’s hands.”

From App Studio, Domo’s new low-code app builder that makes it easy for less technical users to build and distribute Domo apps, to Workflows, a low-code integration and automation tool that helps businesses speed up processes and do more with less , these new ones. product announcements reflect years of curiosity and research.

Check out all the new features!

5. 22 sessions to empower you, no matter your fluency with data

We are on a mission to help people multiply their impact. At Domopalooza, we shared content designed to educate through real customer stories, networking opportunities and sharing knowledge with peers facing and overcoming similar challenges, and practical advice to empower you no matter where you sit in the organization. or how fluent you are. with data can be.

There really was something for everyone and three sessions that really resonated with attendees were:

“Data is like cooking. how to keep the kitchen clean

“Driving Action and Automation with Domo App Studio and Workflows”

“Unlocking the power of Domo. analysis your way”

If you’ve never used Domo, check out the Domo on Domo session, “Elevate Your Organization’s Data-Driven Culture with Strong Management Practices,” and listen to the live roundtable, “Future-proofing Businesses with Cloud Leverage.”

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Domopalooza 2023 was about empowering people’s data experiences that drive bold curiosity and legendary business impact. We explored how so many companies and individuals, from industry leaders and innovators to front-line managers, are multiplying their impact through data.

This year’s main event? Everyone in an organization deserves a data experience that meets their unique needs so they can multiply their business impact, and we mean: all!

Whether you were one of the 2,800 people who joined us, you can catch every word of the event or tune into the sessions that interest you most on demand.

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