Comment. Beijing’s peace plan for Ukraine shows how China plans to win the war

BIRMINGHAM. Beijing’s position on a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis has now been officially released by the country’s foreign ministry, after being foreshadowed by senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi at the recent Munich Security Conference. Rich in concise details and generalities, the peace plan affirms what Beijing sees as China’s “balanced stance.” This has, … Read more

Prayers for peace follow anti-Semitic “National Day of Hate” in the US

Religious freedom advocates are condemning neo-Nazi groups that gathered around the United States on February 25 to mark what is being billed as the “National Day of Hate.” A “National Day of Hate” was built around beliefs of white supremacy and anti-Semitism with the goal of spreading fear among Jewish communities. This has been facilitated … Read more

Five people, including a patient, have died in a medical transport accident in Nevada

Authorities are trying to determine what caused a medical transport flight to crash in the northern Nevada mountains, killing all five people on board, including a patient. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a seven-person team of investigators to the scene of Friday night’s crash near Stagecoach. The crash came amid a winter storm … Read more

The number of victims of the storm in Brazil has reached more than 60

Released: 26/02/2023 – 21:57 The death toll from floods and landslides in southeastern Brazil a week ago officially rose to 64 on Sunday as the search continued for one missing person. Eighteen of the confirmed victims were children, the Sao Paulo state government said in a statement. More than an entire February’s worth of rain … Read more

A migrant boat has sunk off Italy, killing at least 58 people

Video. A migrant boat has sunk off Italy, killing at least 58 people A migrant boat has sunk off Italy, killing at least 58 people Sorry, this feature is currently unavailable. We are working on restoring it. Please try a little later. Remove Skip navigation to sections Skip content Skip footer At least 58 migrants, … Read more

Thousands of suspected gangsters have been transferred to a “mega-prison” in Salvador.

Thousands of inmates in El Salvador were moved to a “mega-gang” on Friday amid the Central American nation’s crackdown on gang activity. President Nayeb Bukele said 2,000 suspected gang members had been taken to the Terrorism Containment Center, a 40,000-person prison that Reuters reports is one of the largest in the Americas. “This will be … Read more

The Supreme Court will rule on student loan relief

T:he Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in two student loan cases on Tuesday, which could be the final hurdle to the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan. In August, President Joe Biden announced a plan that would forgive up to $20,000 in debt for borrowers with federal student loans, affecting more than … Read more

Invest in bold, progressive journalism

The fight for democracy continues as we approach the second half of 2022. Throughout the year we face lies, corruption and violence. And so the battle for America will continue as Senate Republicans seek to prevent Democrats from passing even the most popular measures under a Biden presidency. As prices rise across the country and … Read more