Domo Everywhere Leading the way in Embedded Analytics

Domo has been named a leader in a new, independent report by Nucleus Research. The Embedded Analytics 2022 report recognized Domo Everywhere as a product leader to continue expanding the embedded analytics market. We’re honored to have our hard work recognized in the space and excited about the future of embedded analytics and how Domo … Read more

Protecting your asking price – Eastwind Business Solutions

Seeing your buyer’s point of view The main goal of developing an asking price for your business is that you want something that not only seems reasonable, but also attractive to buyers. We recommend that you try to look at the whole transaction from the buyer’s point of view. The buyer must be able to … Read more

Four ways to share your values ​​with buyers

Turn old bottles into a new business If you offer in-store recycling, let eco-conscious shoppers know. Accepting smaller items for recycling, such as batteries, plastic bags or even the packaging your product is sold in, can be important factors for some consumers. This Paris hair salon, for example, offers in-store recycling to reward repeat customers … Read more

What will your buyer be looking for?

The buyer loves your business; it’s just what they were looking for. They have reviewed your financial statements and made an offer based on several points. You’ve reviewed the offer and it looks good, so what’s next? The contingencies of a transaction mean that the buyer or their advisers have certain concerns. In larger transactions, … Read more

Five sites using the new .rsvp top-level domain

The holidays are right around the corner, and chances are there’s an invitation or two headed your way. Perhaps you are planning a “friendly” gathering, a New Year’s Eve party, or a birthday party. Starting today, you will be able to register .rsvp domain names for your event website. It is the latest secure domain … Read more

Mobius Strip and Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

A big thank you to Dr. Mobius. For those unfamiliar with this layer, it is technically a 1-dimensional surface (mathematical construct) and not a 2D object. To make your own, simply take a strip of paper, fold it in half, then tape or glue the ends together. Follow one edge and you’ll see your finger … Read more

How to prepare for the holidays. Introducing our downloadable 2022 holiday guide

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Falling leaves and sweater weather have you thinking about the holidays? If not, it’s certainly time for small business owners to start preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Because this can be a stressful time of year, the University of Scranton’s Small Business Development … Read more

Expanding opportunities for indigenous communities

I’m honored to introduce Henry Jake Foreman as Grow Google’s first Native Community Digital Coach. As a digital coach, Jake will empower tribal small businesses with monthly digital skills workshops, local hands-on coaching opportunities and events for businesses to come together and learn from each other. Jake is an absent Shawnee citizen who resides in … Read more

What does the road ahead look like?

Every quarter, Market pulse report issues a report that reveals information about market conditions. The report is supported by M&A Source and the International Business Brokers Association and focuses on Main Street businesses (with values ​​up to $2MM) and lower middle market (values ​​between $2 and $50MM). The analyzed data is based on a comprehensive … Read more

Domo 2022 Gartner Peer Insights™ Customer Choice

In the market for an analytics and business intelligence tool that is “exactly what we wanted to add to our IT stack to help us make better business decisions.” Or how about a tool that allows “what used to take days can now be completed in minutes thanks to Domo?” You didn’t hear it from … Read more