Cannabis security plans for license applications. overview

5.) Private Security Agreements

“Provide a copy of the contract with a private security contractor licensed under section 10-5 of the Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint, Salesman, and Locksmith Act of 2004 (225 ILCS 447/10-5”

We anticipate that this section will be a highly misinterpreted provision for dispensary and craft grow facility applicants. Our interpretation is that this does not mean that a single provider contract must cover all of these services. We have been in the security industry for nearly 20 years. We’ve never seen an alarm company doing fingerprint screening, a fingerprint screening vendor installing locks, or a locksmith doing private investigations or providing armed security guards. It is unlikely that a single contract/company will provide the necessary quality of security in every area.

We believe it is beneficial for adult dispensary applicants to have contracts for EVERY license and core jurisdiction. Security companies should be thoroughly vetted. Applicants must conduct due diligence before signing a letter of intent to provide security services that is contingent upon their license being approved. Contracting with a hemp IT services company can also help protect customer data.

Tell your safety story and prove your commitment to safety

In all exhibits, applicants must detail their suitability in each area. The final section presents why you should be lucky enough to get a license. This is done by telling your story.

What is the fundamental framework of your safety culture? Security is much more than cameras, guards and guns. It’s how you train employees to interact with your customers. It should be one day to enforce how you engage people in the first place. If you don’t train your employees about safety culture, you will have long-term problems.

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