One of the most difficult challenges on the way to your ideal weight is learning how to deal with cravings.

Desire can appear out of nowhere for a variety of reasons. They may be related to a specific nutritional deficiency caused by stress or occur as your body’s attempt to deal with emotional needs.

But no matter what the cause, cravings can make it difficult for you to stay on track with your nutritional goals.

The best way to proactively fight cravings is to make sure your diet provides all the nutrients you need; you can do this by sticking to lean proteins, fresh, live foods, and foods rich in Omega-3s. But you can also overcome cravings unrelated to actual nutritional needs by using guided visualization.

With this guided visualization by John Gabriel, you’ll learn powerful techniques for training your brain to let go of junk cravings and focus instead on vibrant, healthy, beautiful food.

Practice this technique every morning and as needed to create lasting change in your relationship with your cravings and with food itself.

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