Cameroon sends troops to drive and Nigeria borders to stop attacks

Cameroon is deploying troops to its borders in response to renewed Boko Haram attacks in the country’s Far North.

In April, the military announced that hundreds of Boko Haram militants had invaded the Mayo Moskota region near the northern border with Nigeria and were hiding in the bush. Several hundred houses were set on fire, thousands of people were left homeless.

Junior MP Plata Baganama visited Mayo Moscota after the attack and tried to reassure residents that the government would take action.

Cameroon’s military also announced the deployment of its border with the Central African Republic (CAR) after discovering that rebels there regularly crossed into East Cameroon for supplies, fleeing clashes with UN peacekeepers in CAR.

Although unrelated to Boko Haram, the CAR insurgents pose a security threat as they have reportedly kidnapped civilians for ransom in eastern Cameroon. The government of Cameroon continues to look for military solutions.

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