Buyer Beware! How to tell when a product is not liposomal?

After LivOn Labs launched Altrient (US name: Lypospheric), the world’s first liposomal vitamin C supplement, in 2004, liposomes took the health and wellness world by storm. “Liposomal” has become a buzzword in the industry, and liposomal supplements are a steadily growing trend among beauty, health, and wellness professionals.

But with all that hype comes the contenders. More and more liposome products are entering the market, and according to Dr. Thomas Levy, many of them are fraudulent and contain no liposomes at all.

Altrient and LivOn Labs have been at the forefront of liposomal encapsulation technology (LET) for nearly twenty years. They are the true pioneers of liposomal vitamins, and their patented process includes rigorous testing, high-quality ingredients, and carefully researched formulas. This is what they pride themselves on and what makes Altirent so effective and safe.

There is a big difference between “standard”. vitamin C supplements and liposomal vitamins. Seeing a non-liposomal product being sold as such is concerning, but until the government cracks down on counterfeit liposomal products, not much can be done other than alerting buyers to the difference. That’s why Dr. Levy, one of the leading vitamin C researchers, shared his tips on how to spot fake liposome products and what to look for when buying vitamin C supplements.

Meet Dr. Levy!

Dr. Thomas Levy is one of the world’s leading experts in vitamin C and liposome research. He believes that vitamin C is an extremely powerful tool that helps support the body and promote normal immune function during difficult times. He has written many books on the subject, including Primary remedy and: Cures the incurable.

At a recent seminar, he talked about vitamin C, the history of liposomes, Altirent, and how to tell when a product is truly liposomal.

What is Liposomal Vitamin C?

For a number of reasons, standard tablets and capsules do not always reach their full potential. One reason may be that enzymes in the stomach and intestinal tract damage the produce. Adding sugars and gelatins to formula can also disrupt vitamin C, as well as nutrients that cannot cross cell membranes efficiently.

Enter liposomes. Liposome technology allows nutritional supplements, such as vitamin C, to be better absorbed by the body by mimicking the structure of a cell membrane.

Liposomes themselves “were discovered and developed back in the 1960s,” according to Dr. Levy. They are sub-microscopic bubbles capable of encapsulating nutrients such as vitamin C and rapidly transporting them through the bloodstream and into cells. Altrient’s unique liposome delivery system helps create much better absorption of vitamin C compared to other standard forms. vitamin C supplements.

As Dr. Levy says: “The liposomes that are produced, in this case by LivOn and Altrient, that contain vitamin C or another nutrient, actually serve as a way for cells to communicate with each other to naturally transfer content into the cell. »

Liposomes deliver nutrients through two different mechanisms that depend on the size of the liposome. Small liposomes are able to use tiny transport channels located in the cell membrane to deliver their nutrients. Whereas larger liposomes simply fuse and fuse with the cell’s outer membrane. The outer membrane of the liposome and the outer membrane of the cell are both formed by a phospholipid bilayer, so this meeting of “like and like” surfaces ensures efficient and easy delivery of nutrients.

Advantages of Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET).

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology means your supplements are much more likely to have the effects you want.

LET allows you to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of vitamin C, but not only that, but also other benefits: Altrient’s liposome technologyincluding,

  • Nutrients contained in a bilayered phospholipid membrane similar to cell membranes

  • Protect nutrients from destruction in the gut

  • Ensure maximum absorption into the bloodstream as intact liposomes

  • Transport nutrients directly to the cells where they are needed most

  • Achieve more sustained release of nutrients

  • Protect nutrients from oxidation, pH and temperature

  • Prevent nutrient utilization by the gut microbiome

And much more. All of this means that Altrient’s patented LET Vitamin C supplement provides maximum absorption compared to other oral forms of Vitamin C, they’re gentle on the stomach, offer ease and convenience, and are more cost-effective, what’s not to like.

How can you tell if a liposomal product is fake?

Unfortunately, the high focus on the benefits of liposomes and LET is not entirely a good thing. Many of the so-called liposomal vitamin C products on the market today are not quite what they seem.

“Most products are scams,” explains Dr. Levy. “We tested many liposome products on the market, and most of them had no liposomes at all.”

Genuine liposomal supplements are tested to ensure maximum absorption of the nutrients stored in them through encapsulation technology. A product without LET will not be absorbed as well by the body because it does not have the unique delivery capabilities that liposomes have in terms of transporting nutrients into the cells.

While you can’t tell what products are and aren’t liposomal unless you have a microscope, there are a few ways to tell if a product is fake.

Price check

First of all is the cost of the product. If something seems cheap or too good to be true, it probably is.

As Dr. Levy says: “Altrient and LivOn, when compared to other vitamin C supplements, a lot of people think it’s a little expensive. That’s because it’s an incredibly involved process to create Altirent, not only to make liposomes, but also to do quality control and check each batch for purity, liposome size, and everything else.”

Always read the box

Make sure you pay close attention to the box. Check that it is a reputable manufacturer and that the product meets strict testing standards. are you looking for certification from NSF, GMP or Informed Sport? You should check if the product has been made and stored in an oxygen free environment and if it is a pure formula with only 4-5 main ingredients.

Other things to watch out for

Other differences between liposomal vitamin C and standard tablets are:

  • Delivery of nutrients to the cells

  • Suitable phospholipids used in equal proportions

  • Consistency and structure (double layer, not single layer)

  • Liposomal products do not dissolve in water and cannot be mixed or mixed with hot beverages

Shop with confidence with Altrient’s Liposomal Vitamin C!

You can still benefit from regular vitamin C supplements, but if you want the unique benefits of liposomes, and you want to be sure you’re getting them, Altrient and LivOn are your best options.

Altrient has spent years researching the best formulation techniques and manufacturing processes for liposomal encapsulated supplements. Each sachet contains 1000 mg of vitamin C and an additional 500 mg of phosphatidylcholine. Each batch is tested to ensure the stability of the liposomes, while each ingredient is tested for identity strength and purity. We invest heavily in independent research to ensure everything is backed by scientific data, and we’re manufactured in an NSF, GMP certified facility.

Shop with confidence. Shop with Altrient.

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