Bulldog Loves Watching The Street Through A Hole, So His Owners Paint 2 Costumes On The Fence

Times right now are understandably quite tough. As such, people are finding any little way they can to improve the quality of their lives and to brighten up their surroundings if only for a few hours. Many of them have even gone down into the internet depths to find a piece of enjoyable content.

And so, it can be of no surprise when a beautifully hilarious video was shared of this adorable puppy managed to go viral.

While out, someone managed to film the bulldog below staring through a painted fence and out at the street. Since being recorded and shared, the video has gotten thousands of likes and has been reshared countless times by others garnering even more attention.

We did a bit of digging into this adorable bulldog’s history and found that he’s not just playing at royalty! In fact, it’s revealed that his name is Bogart and he’s actually from Gråsten, Denmark!

When it was found by the dog’s owner, Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen, she actually reshared it on her own social media page, helping it go even more viral.

In it, she captioned that the dog Bogart had “gone viral in Denmark” and that had actually managed to become, shocking as it is, one of Denmark’s biggest Instagram Influencer. Apparently, he also managed to get on a Norwegian dog group as well.

When reached out to, Ranveig said that she was living in the southern part of Denmark/Jutland in an older house built in the 1814’s. She said that she was living together with her husband, Claus, as well as her two bulldogs: Winston and Bogart.

She later said that Bogart was an English Bulldog that was “almost homemade” over 4 years ago. Bogart’s mother, Winston (yes, she has a male name) had 8 puppies with them giving up the other 7 and keeping Bogart due to him being the smallest and being “totally cute”.

Ranveig also went on, saying that the Bulldog had a very unique personality and that he was particularly very funny. Judging by his sense of fashion, we can tell.

When asked why they painted the fence, she said it actually started as a way to keep them from jumping over it.

Because they currently live near a walking path, there were so many people that passed by every day, making a hole in the fence was required to keep them from jumping over the fence. Whenever people would walk by, the dogs would poke their heads out through the fence hole.

After a while, it got so funny, they decided to paint the outside, giving it that clownish appearance.

Levinsen said that she got the idea from the hole pictures that you’d have taken out at amusement parks and carnivals. Eventually, they decided on the crown and jester hat, with their daughter actually being the one to do the painting.

When asked about how the neighbors and other people took it, Levinsen said that she’d been overwhelmed with the response, many people -complete strangers- actually reaching out to tell her how funny it was.

Looks like Bogart, and his royal court, are here to stay.

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