Breaking stereotypes about Dubai in 2023

Stereotypes are pervasive and can be harmful because they can prevent individuals from being seen as unique individuals with their own personalities, beliefs, and values. Dubai has several stereotypes associated with the city and its people. However, there are also many examples of individuals and groups who are breaking these stereotypes and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive society.

Dubai apartments and buildings

The property is too expensive

One of the most famous stereotypes. Yes, there are very expensive cars, luxury clothing boutiques, even coffee can be sprinkled with gold. Yes, there are expensive properties for sale in Dubai because there are many rich and successful people who spend money without even looking at the prices.

But Dubai also offers plenty of affordable housing options for comfortable living. In 2023, Dubai property is in demand before the summer season, which means now is the best time to buy an apartment with a pool in Dubai. Emirates.Estate will break the stereotype of expensive apartments and will definitely help you find the best apartments at affordable prices to meet your requirements.

Women in leadership roles

Although Dubai is often seen as a male-dominated society, there are many women in the city who are breaking this stereotype by taking on leadership roles in various fields. Special places for women have been created in buses and subways, where men are not allowed to enter. There is a taxi with a female driver that only serves women or families. Some beaches have women’s days when men are not allowed. Women now hold positions of power in government, finance, education and other sectors and are leading the way in promoting gender equality and diversity.


Dubai is often seen as a city of expats, with people from all over the world coming to work and live in the city. This diversity has created a multicultural society that embraces different languages, religions and cultures. Individuals and groups are breaking the stereotype of a homogenous Arab society by promoting mutual understanding and tolerance between different cultures and nationalities.


Dubai is known for its thriving business community and entrepreneurs are breaking the stereotype of the traditional businessman by promoting innovative ideas, creativity and diversity. Women in particular are breaking the stereotype of the male-dominated business world by starting their own businesses and becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Art and culture

Dubai is often seen as a city of luxury and excess, but there are many individuals and groups promoting art and culture in the city. They break the stereotype of the city, which is focused exclusively.

  • trade and material wealth
  • promoting creativity and diversity
  • expression through art, music
  • other forms of culture

Social activity

Dubai is sometimes seen as a city resistant to change and critical thought. However, there are many individuals and groups that are breaking this stereotype by engaging in social activism and promoting social justice causes. They advocate for issues such as environmental protection, women’s rights and social equality, and use their voices to make a difference in the community.

There are only skyscrapers in Dubai

Dubai is included in the list of cities with the largest number of skyscrapers, but Hong Kong, for example, has many more high-rise buildings. But it’s not even about the number of skyscrapers, but their location. To see the skyscrapers, you need to go either to the Dubai Marina area or to the city center. In other parts of the city, there are not so many of them or they are not there at all. There are areas with low-rise buildings where potential buyers can find nice apartments with an outdoor pool or a spacious parking lot for sale.

Dubai is a diverse and complex city that breaks stereotypes in many ways. From women in leadership roles to multiculturalism, entrepreneurship, arts and culture and social activism, there are many examples of individuals and groups contributing to a more inclusive and diverse society. These efforts help break down stereotypes and promote a more nuanced understanding of this vibrant and dynamic city.

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