Bot Libre. protection reaches new limits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises a new dimension of security for businesses and ordinary people seeking to feel more protected in this fast-paced and ever-changing world. Criminals are getting smarter, so our technology has to keep up.

AI security solutions are fundamentally built to distinguish between “safe” and “malicious” user actions by comparing user behavior in different environments with behavior in similar environments. These AI-powered machines can learn patterns and make informed decisions without human supervision.

Through Bot Libre’s development services, various AI and deep learning-based solutions can be provided to suit the various security needs of customers. Bot Libre has several demo models that can be customized. One such model is Bot Libre AI Face detector.

A few key areas where AI security can thrive are:

Face recognition

Object recognition

Location detection

Counting the crowd


The use of artificial intelligence in security technologies can provide significant benefits to operational security, such as speed and probability of detection, reducing operator workload and fatigue, directing resources to where they are most needed, supporting decision-making and even providing early warning. signs of internal threats. At the management level, AI can reduce costs by focusing attention on the areas that need it most. In addition, the use of response technologies such as drones and robotics to move people out of harm’s way, experts say.

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