Best Air Conditioning Accessories to Buy on Amazon for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Air Fryers have been a kitchen must-have for several years now. They are so amazing and can be made even better with the right fan accessories. I have to admit I was skeptical at first that they could be used for anything other than chips, but now I’ve been won over. From the time and money it saves me on my stove to the ease and versatility of its operation, the air fryer definitely comes with a huge recommendation from me.

Despite its awesomeness (yes, that’s a word), you can make it even better for you by adding some of the following fan accessories. Of course, be sure to check the compatibility of your brand of air fryer before purchasing.

air fryer for chips

Silicone basket

I once made the most amazing potato cake in mine using a ceramic pot I already had. It fit snugly in the compartment and I thought nothing more of it until it was time to remove it… it was stuck. Using two wooden spoons and more dexterity than I realized I had, I was able to save the cake without freezing. However, using silicone baskets with handles would have made it much easier and less of a Krypton Factor-like challenge.

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Oil sprayer

Most items will require a small amount of oil when cooking in your air fryer. Drips can use much more than is necessary and healthy, so investing in an oil sprayer will help you distribute the oil evenly while saving on fat and calories. This is one of the best fan accessories you can buy and will serve you well.

Avoid using FryLight as it may damage the interior of the machine. Furthermore, some experts argue that olive oil, due to its low smoke point, should also be avoided. Try avocado, peanut oil, or refined coconut oil instead.

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Silicone pudding molds

Yorkshire Puddings can be easily made in the air fryer and with a lot less mess afterwards too. Invest in silicone pudding molds and they’re perfect for the nation’s favorite roast dinner. While you’ll still need to use oil, a smaller amount will be enough as they’re much easier to remove from silicone molds than metal molds, making this one of my favorite fan tools.

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Silicone tongs

Air fryers can be damaged by using metal utensils. Therefore, we strongly recommend purchasing silicone tongs. You don’t have to use them just for the fan either, as they are also great for general kitchen use. From flipping meat on a George Foreman to mixing in potato wedges or chips, once you have a pair, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

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Grill Rack

Sometimes it can feel like you’re limited by the space you can use in your fan, limited to just one strip. However, with the use of a grill rack (be sure to check the size carefully before purchasing), you’ll find your car much more versatile. From one layer to multiple layers in one easy step, allowing you to cook larger quantities of food at once, this accessory is sure to make it easier to avoid using your oven, thus saving you money.

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I always recommend having a food thermometer to ensure you reduce the chance of food poisoning. When using an air fryer, this will be so helpful, not only to cook your food thoroughly, but also to ensure that you don’t overcook it. I use a Thermapen, there are cheaper ones out there but I find this is always so accurate and it has really paid off as the battery has lasted 5 years so far and it has probably saved so many meals.

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