Beef with stroganoff

Beef with stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff.jpg

1 Proteins
2 Vegetables
1 starch
1 MWLC food supplement

Good for all Freedom dining plans

1 portion of steak
1 cup Mushrooms
½ medium onion
¼ year/kg. Garlic powder
¼ year/kg. Onion powder
¼ year/kg. black pepper
1 packet of MWLC Cream of Mushroom Soup nutritional supplement
¼ cooked brown rice OR: ½ cup cooked Soba Noodles
Flavorless non-stick cooking spray

Season the steak with garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder and grill. When the steak is done, cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Spray the bottom of a medium pan with nonstick cooking spray, add the mushrooms and onions and cook until golden brown.

Mix 1 packet Cream of Mushroom Soup with water according to package directions, pour over mushrooms and onions, add grilled steak and simmer for 10 minutes.

Cook brown rice or soba noodles in one package. Serve the mushroom soup mixture over brown rice or soba noodles.

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